Landing pages V. Direct

Let’s say we’re promoting a generic offer but targeting a certain niche for dating on PoF. Do you think a landing page would help? Or is the big thing that matters the ad copy and image used?

Any thoughts?

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You should try split testing with and without a landing page. If you’re targeting a niche, I would think it would make sense that conversion would be higher if there was a niche landing page before reaching the generic offer.

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landing page will make a massive difference if done right. Especially if you’re targeting a niche. Think about this.

How long do you think somebody looks at your ad? How much real sales copy is there telling them that they need to sign up and that the site you’re sending them to has everything they are looking for? Is a sentence in 9 point font on an ad that says "join now" or "sign up today" enough to persuade you to sign up for any type of offer?

I typically see double the conversion rate on people who have clicked through a landing page to a dating offer as opposed to just direct linking. Now getting them all to click through the lander well that’s the tricky part

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test the offer direct linking first to see if you get conversions, then add an LP in order to increase your CVR thus increasing your EPC.

just be sure you have some decent CTR ad’s to drive the volume you need to stay profitable 🙂

The Article Published IN 09-26-2011 02:51 AM

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