Large List of Traffic Sources For Your Pleasure

Hey just a quick share here guys…..

Here is a cool list some of which you know some of which you may not…..either way I thought it was a good share… it does list things out rather nicely….(what they have, vertical, type of traffic…etc…) Chris(my AM) over at Motiveinteractive was kind enough to pass it along to me when I was looking for some INT traffic….so I will say thanks to him for that….

anyways enjoy

also just a thought if you know of others you would like added…drop them in this thread as a post and I will add them to the list…..that way we keep updating it and it stays current…

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hmm very pleasurable…thanks!

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my fav. kind of bacon. $$$’d

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Damn bacon why you gotta out all my trafficz

Anyway theres some gems in that list including places I’m currently running so don’t be lazy and get on it.

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Great list mang, much appreciated. While I’m not gonna out my favorite traffic sources du jour, I would like to add one good provider to your list:

They sell FB in-app banner traffic as well as traditional media (their primary demo is female, couldn’t really get more specific info out of them). If you’re successfully buying PageRage inventory from an exchange like Sitescout or Adbrite then you should Definitely check this site out. MUCH more lax on creatives if you work w/ a rep. My rep’s name was Tara btw, she was really helpful w/ all my inquiries and approved my banners that were rejected at other (don’t need to be mentioned) places.

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Awesome thread! Thanks guys.

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Thanks… really appreciate the share.

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awesome bro big respect

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I left some off that list Polar ……Here are a few more
marchex.comSearch and Pay Per Call Platform
zestadz.comMobile network
contextweb.comContextual Media Buys
adify.comAds on Cox Properties
audiencescience.comAudience Retargeting
targetspot.comInternet Radio Ads
premiumnetwork.comSite Specific Media Buys and Mobile Traffic East Display ads

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one caveat.

many traffic sources buy and sell from each other 1st tier, 2nd tier and remnant.

Check with your agent as to what their traffic sources are and any partners.

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