Last throw of the dice

Hi, I’m from singapore. Been in IM for years, had some winning streak but more of losing side. My biggest win day is $400/day but FB suddenly banned me. I’ve not given up because I know I will find a way. Since we’re members here, let me share I have a confirmed marriage date on 15/12/12. She’s a princess been with her for 10 yrs and the reason I started this all. She deserves the best from me. I have little left to spend an my IM budget at this is my last throw of the dice. I’ll start at POF because POF is a demon I must exorcise. Till date I’ve spent 2k+ on that platform but not much to show. I have 1 month on this forum and will make a profit that will pay for another month and hopefully with extra to spare. My goal: 15/12/12=happy wedding no financial worries. Can I achieve that with all your help?


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Good Luck ! Everybody is here to help you !

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Every lock has a key. Keep working on it and you’ll unlock your personal ‘door’ to success. Traffic and data is where the gold lies. No dice involved.

Every success to you.

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Welcome to the forum!

I would recommend running a follow along 30 day PoF campaign for starters so some of the experts here can give you some input.

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^^^^this…..follow along FTW……and welcome to the forums

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Thanks for the encouragement guys!

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