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Hey Guys,

I’m bidding on some pretty competitive keywords and im bidding around the main urls to remain as stealthy as possible.

If i set my max bid to say .10 CPV and the only other bidder is .05, will LI charge me.051 or the entire .10? I basically don’t want to have to check back everytime to guess where my competitor is bidding (apparently he is using another url that I dont have in my list), but I know how much I can spend MAX. I’d like to just set it at that, but I’m worried LI will be shady and just charge me the max regardless of 2nd place bids on other parts of the string.

I think I’ll just test it and see what my avg cpc is for the day but, any other experiences you guys have will help color the situation.

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No help on this issue but would like to hear the answer. Must be a good conversion paying up to .10 a view.

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I believe LI charges whatever you bid (If you bid 0.10 they charge you 0.10).

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If you are telling them "hey biatches!!! I am paying you 0.10 per view! Give me the damn traffic!!!".

I see no reason they would not want to charge you 0.10 instead of 0.51

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I believe I am being charged whatever I bid. Which is very frustrating because of the fact that you can’t quite know who else is bidding on different parts of your string.

If a 2nd place bidder drops out, I would like to know so I could drop my bid down to the optimal level. This is the difference between a 50% and 200%ROI which is a big deal.

The only solutions I can think of:
1. Input every single possible string for the term you are bidding for, monitor to see how to adjust your bid. For shorter URLs this is not too bad. But you have to also include every wildcard variation of your URL creating a ridiculous amount of urls. if you wanted to bid on you would need a url list of more than 50 urls. If bidding on a subpage it increases significantly, just for ONE target.

2. Stack multiple campaigns on ONE url and day part. find out where the big jump in traffic is in terms of bid price. Have a master bid account you can set to the optimum bid. This takes hours to get an idea of what the bid is and i dont think is worth the time (unless u are dealing with huge numbers)

I’m leaning towards #1. I know someone is writing a guide for strings so it would be helpful to know exactly how to get every single relevant term for your URL in the keyword list. The main confusion is how wildcards and special characters might influence the string. for instance can you have multiple wildcards? bestbuy.*** bestbuy.c** etc. bes*, there can be a ridiculous amount of possible combinations which you need to cover. As people get a handle on this as well, they can hide their bid in a ridiculous URL like .be*tbuy.c*m/* where almost no one will find it.

Ideally, the bidding algo on the LI side would change to… I am willing to pay this much for #1 spot… optimize my bid for that. Unfortunately it does not seem so and the affiliates are forced to play games and lose out by overpaying for views. Can any experts shed more light on this issue?

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I asked LI this question:

I set all my keywords to Auto Bid Type.
I set the max bid to 0.1
I saved these settings, but I see that some of my keywords have rank 2-3 when the first bid is 0.06

What does it mean Auto Bid? Will it be set automatically when the system discovers higher bid?

If I set 0.1 and the current highest bid is 0.05, will I pay 0.1 or 0.051?

The same question for manual bid – If I set 0.1 and the current second bid is 0.05, will I pay 0.1 or 0.051?

Here is their answer:
The Auto-Bid feature only updates once an hour. So if, for example, it updates your bid to the highest bid at 1:05, it wont update again until 2:05. This means someone who is manually updating their bids can outbid you in that hour, but that your bid will be raised above theirs at 2:05. The Auto bid feature also won’t raise if you have the exact same keyword in another campaign, because then you’d be bidding agasint yourself and would reach your max bid very quickly. It only raises the bid over those of other advertisers.

With Auto bid, if you set the max bid to 0.1 and the current highest bid is 0.05, when the bid updates you’l pay 0.051. With manual bid, you’d pay 0.1 no matter what the other bids are.

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many many thanks. I’ve asked LI this question with no reply. this definitely will make my life easier knowing exactly how this works.

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