Lead Impact Questions?

Anyone else noticing a huge amount of views that are never tracked? Today I am up to 1400 views on a single campaign that arent being tracked by my tracking.

Anyone else noticing this?

If you call them they tell you to use their tracking and not anyone else.

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Yes the click dispcrepancy is something why I lately doesn’t use LI. Could bring your ROI down especially if you have a hard time to make the campaign profitable. Read more on

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Yes, its quite normal with leadimpact.
In my experience click disrepanices vary from 8% to 20%.
I’ve upgraded my server to 6gb ram and 8ghz and went from 16% missed views to 8%.
I couldnt get any better , no matter what I did.
I also think there is nothing you can do about it.
Just put your cpv a bit higher at p202/cpvlab so at least you have accurate spend data and ROI.

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One day I had 44% discrepancy (dedicated server, no fuck ups here), but usually its about 15-20% – just increase the cpc in Prosper for analysis.

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maybe it has to do with people’s shitty PC’s. I have LI installed on a shitty laptop and it struggles to load pages alot of times. I’ll see a CPV window start to pop-up, but maybe people are super quick to X it out

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Yeah I think that’s the case for most of the pops.

People closing them too quickly. And it’s quite normal knowing how frequently LI pops….

However I honestly doubt they charge for non existing pops.

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I was running 500,000 impressions per day on leadimpact and on average seen a 13% discrepancy. I now just add 13% onto my impressions total and it’s usually pretty accurate.

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I got this response after creating a new campaign (dating offer) on LI:

"Due to our direct relationship with this client, we do not allow third parties to promote the offer."

Is this a common thing with LI?

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Yep, they run a lot of offers internally…

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