Lead Impact Random Disappearing LP

I checked my stats in LI for one of my main campaigns which revolves around a single keyword. The landing page entry for it was completely missing and deleted. I remade the campaign in LI and resubmitted for approval.

Why do you think this is happening… Are they purposely trying to shut my campaign down? It is a fairly competitive keyword so I can see that there would be incentive to do so if they too were running as well. Could it just be random error..

seems super sketchy. and based on everything ive heard about LI, wouldnt be hard to believe..

User Comment:
disappearing keywords, i had my share. but yours is strange. did you contact them?

User Comment:
well there site is sometime way fucked up…..had stuff i submitted only to come back later and see it gone…..they have horrible software…..for the amount they charge for pops and the amount of internal traffic they run you think they would have a better infrastructure….

but then again thats just me thinking….

User Comment:
i definitely agree with you. they need a better system

The Article Published IN 08-18-2011 07:28 PM

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