Leadimpact and the "Hotbar" User Agent?"

Hey guys,

does anyone of you know what the user agent looks like if the user clicks on an (for example) amazon banner on the landing page?
I have heard, that the user agent will show "hotbar blablabla" when the user gets the cookie from the network. And then the network would know were the traffic is coming from and they should not

Any experiences with this?

User Comment:
useragents are set by the browser and not determined by the link you click on.

there are dozens of useragents used by hotbar cause their adware is implemented in a bunch of different toolbars.

so the network wont be able to know from this where the traffic is coming from,


something called "referrer" can identify the source of your traffic. the referrer is basically the site that send the user to that offer / lsning page. So in your example amazon would see your website as referrer if you direct link from the banner to amazon.

tracking solutions like cpvlab have the option to "blank" the referrer so your traffic source is no longer visible in the referrer.

hope this helps

User Comment:
Ah great, thanks for that.
Referrer is clear to me, will not be a problem to show another one though.

But another question to the user agent. So the network will see that is coming mainly from toolbars?
Would that be some kind of suspicious if the clicks are coming from a legit affiliate website, but the user agent is set by toolbars?

Or is the user agent just set by the browser used and has nothing to do with the toolbars?

The Article Published IN 08-09-2011 09:53 PM

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