LeadImpact approving landing page & keywords then change the min

LeadImpact approving landing page & keywords then change the min bid

So I added new landing page and keywords on a campaign I am running. I chose the category & subcategory such that it gives me 0.015 min bid (not closely related, but not far). LeadImpact approved my landing page & keywords and traffic start coming.

At the end of the day I realized huge discrepancies on my spending vs views.. Turns out that all my keywords’ minimum bid became 0.025.

Added another landing page with different keywords, the same thing happened again. Not sure if it’s just the reviewer..

Does anyone experience the same thing lately? How do you get around that?

User Comment:
They are enforcing correct categories more and more.

If you have a good argument for any particular category then you can try and take it up with them.

There is usually a reason why some categories are more competitive/expensive – there is more money to make.

User Comment:
what is funny about these guys (LI) at one point they said they were gonna get rid of that stuff (categories) yet it has stayed around….and there is really no reason for it other than them making more cash….paying $25cpms to pop a dating lp to me sounds so fucking silly…….

User Comment:
yeah exactly.. I don’t mind paying 0.025/view if it is competitive/giving me good ROI but I have thousands of targets that no one else bidding on. Not fun to pay 0.025/view when you can rank 1st position for just 0.015.. With EPV of 0.02, I’d better donate the money somewhere else

The Article Published IN 08-31-2011 12:37 PM

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