LeadImpact/Propser202 discrepencies….

Does anyone else have this problem with LeadImpact/Prosper202?
LeadImpact shows me 2264 impressions and Prosper shows 1871… this a propser bug or LI charging for pops i’m not getting?

User Comment:
I usually see a discrepancy of 13-15% in impressions with most campaigns so i automatically ad 13% onto my total impressions and it’s usually pretty accurate.

User Comment:
I see this ALL the time which is why LI has been a pain for me… i think something is converting, when its actually not when I look into LI stats.

When I go into P202 and click on ALL CLICKS, then I see a lot more ppv views, so im assuming LI pops over duplicate users quite a few times etc… i usually set LI bids in my p202 like a few pennies above what it really is, cus i know LI will charge me more magically… lol

The Article Published IN 07-01-2011 01:05 AM

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