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I’ve been able to be pretty successful building lists with the whole "JV Train" and done ok, but then the second they stop mailing, I stop building a list.

Are you currently building any lists using your paid methods?

If so, whats working best?

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Hey JLHV, can you elaborate on how/why you build lists? I don’t get your current campaign idea.
I’ve built lists before with paid traffic and could definitely do a post about it, anything specific you want to know?

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Sure. How I built lists in the past was creating a product and having my affiliates mail out for it. It certainly works, but I’m looking for something more scalable and evergreen.

I’m just curious how you would go about creating a list that you could really scale.

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I would love to hear about your strategy of broadcasting the follow up emails.

I usually send one out right after the opt-in including useful content, then a new 3 days later with real content, 5 days later Im starting to include campaign links. Decent success, but Im sure there’s much more to it.

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First you need to choose an evergreen niche which you can step in to.
– You need to understand the niche, and understand it well. If you don’t you won’t be able to come up with convincing copy to sell your products
– The niche needs to have a lot of affiliate products available with new ones coming out all the time
– You should start off with 1 traffic source and master it at first

The most important factor to all of this is how much it costs you to acquire your leads!
Your leads should generally costs you under 50cents each. (It always depends on your niche, but under 50 cents is the safest)
– To get cheap leads you need to take an angle with your marketing. Lets use "Dog Training" as an example. Your ad shouldn’t say "Train your dog in 40 days". That will get you low CTR and low conversions. You need to excite the potential lead and you excite them by taking a unique angle with your campaign.
– Sticking with dog training, I’d personally make an ad saying "Make your dog jump 10ft — train your dog in under 10 days", mixed with ‘weird’ images of dogs faces.
– By using my example above I’d be acquiring a lot more interest into my ads and likely receive much higher conversion rates.

Traffic Source
– Next you need to figure out your first traffic source
– If it’s Facebook make sure you know your demo. For example if your targeting dog training leads, i wouldn’t bother targeting anyone under 26, because your target market is people with their first dog who are willing to pay for training.

Landing Page
I’ve tested quite a few of these and i always find this one works best: (turn your sound down for this page)
– Video on the left, email capture on the right.
– You can also use an image instead of video, but if you have a good video it’s definitely worth your time
– You also want arrows pointing to the email capture
– and finally it’s common practice now to only ask for the email. It’s known to bring in better conversions vs asking for the name and email.

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