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A friend and I launched a portal two weeks ago, which generates leads for local dentists etc. The competition is very weak, we are already ranking and generating a fair amount of visitors each day organically. We have collected data for all the dentists in our country and created a login-system for the clinics. The login information will be mail merged to each clinic in a brochure, which explains the concept.

I have never sent out offline material. I would really appreciate some ideas and knowledge about the pitfalls. We have consulted a lawyer so the legal stuff is taken care of. Im looking for tips like adding a handwritten post-it note to each brochure – apparently it should increase the response rate significantly. We got a trustworthy telephone number and a company dedicated to this project.


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Oh wow, I’ve done the EXACT same thing last year! It didn’t work out, but it had some serious promise. I even targeted dentist as well. We ended up getting 1 client for $1300 from 200 very well crafted flyers.

What i did in point form:
– made/printed 200 custom made really well designed flyers (in color on thick nice paper)
– gave them different options for us to collect new clients/leads for them
– we had a website with a creative capture form etc..
– sent out 200 flyers to local dentists and then called every one for a followup about the flyer
– we also used ‘bubble-package’ envelopes so it looked like something important was inside (guaranteed they would open the flyer)
– my headline was ‘Immediately start getting 5-20 new patients per month!’ — ‘discover the secrets to getting many new patients in your office every day!’
– i tried going in to about 20 of the office to talk to the dentist, took 2 days total and only talked to 2 of the dentists (both didn’t like me)
– all dentist advertise in the yellow pages, i told them it’s not 1999 anymore and new methods like the internet have a lot less competition (when i mentioned yellowpages = old and not efficient they got somewhat intrigued to here more)
– offer up a reason to call now ‘first month free, etc..’ you need to entice them to make a move now

– hand written post it note sounds good
– you want to focus on their bottom line, tell these dentists how many patients you can get them and how much $ you can make them
– figure out a way to make sure they open the envelopes

hope that helps

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Great minds think alike Im sorry it didnt work out.
We rank very well for many of the clinic names so last week we got three clinics as clients. They all contacted us wanting to add their contact details (which aren’t listed unless they become a partner). We got all three converted to clients simply by email. Maybe the clinics are more open minded here in Europe. Did you include a unique login for each clinic in the flyer?
We plan to send 2000 flyers, but want to split test 4×150 first. As an opener we are thinking headlines like "Last week 283 patients needed your contact informations!" – the correct number will be used in the flyer.

Great idea using bubble-package!

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Didn’t include a unique login for each office, which btw is a great idea (makes them really inquisitive to check it out)

yep, headline sounds good. Mentioning patient numbers and $ figures are both good, a lot of dentist are old fashioned so you don’t want to come off too ‘seedy used car salesman like’ which i think i may have even though i tried not to. I’m not the best seller in person (that’s what you get after selling for 5 years behind a computer)

I’d love to know how it goes, and would actually like to make a blog post out of it if you want. I’ve been waiting to do it with my campaign for a while (never got to it)

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I will let you know how it goes. Can’t promise to reveal all details public as my partner and I like to keep it on the low due to competition. So far, definitely profitable.

Anyone know a good forum/book for print advertising? I have read all the classics like Ogilvy, Cashvertising, Robert Cialdini etc., but would appreciate a recommendation for a great dedicated print advertising book.

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read – really good stuff for offline

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^^^ thats a great site.

Gary Halbert was a legendary copywriter (died in 07 i think after a really colourful life by all accounts) – has a brilliant conversational style that really engages the user and is so compelling. Like hes just talking right to YOU

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Cheers mates – much appreciated!

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how much are you charging per dentist lead and how many field submits?

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We have generated leads to several local dentists for about one year. We charge what equals $60 for a lead (name, phone number, email & "Best day of the week for an appointment").

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Actually i have never used any kind of ofline marketing. But seen someone to get a huge response by just advertising in the petrol pumps, and nearby departmental shops. He sold some kind of T shirts i think. I think its a brilliant idea to print some pamphlets and supply them in restaurants, Departmental shops and also in petrol pumps. You will definitely get some good amount of leads.

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