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Hi, guys!

Do you know any nice local PPV networks? There must be some! Specifically I’m looking for PPV traffic source to target on Spain. MT sends about 200 visitors daily. I’m not quite sure about LI right now, but think the volume will be the similar. Any help will be appreciated )

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I’ve gotten a ton of Spain traffic from MT. You gotta target high-volume sites or go RON, but you can get a super cheap rate if you call them up.

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There is a ton of Spanish traffic on LI , I’ve tested it.

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Ok, maybe just facebook targets provide so small traffic, or I just should wait a bit more.

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Not sure what you mean. FB has a ton of Spain traffic too.

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I mean targeting on fb urls in ppv networks.

By the way, just noticed an interesting thing with RON campaigns. The CTR on my landing page is about 50%, but zero conversions (>1000 clicks) And when I target on keywords, the CTR is about 13%, but well.. there are conversions.

The Article Published IN 06-23-2011 10:59 AM

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