Locked out of CPVLab?

Tried to login to my CPVLab tracker today and was informed "The maximum number of domains for this application has been reached" WTF? I’ve changed nothing, and although Beyond Hosting had been doing some maintenance recently they stated that their work should not interfere with my access.

Still waiting for Rob or Sam to reply from CPVLab HQ.

Anyone else ever had this happen to them?

Meanwhile back to Prosper …..

User Comment:
Try submiting a ticket to BH too.

User Comment:
They put me onto CPVLab LOL

User Comment:
Rob sorted it out at CPVLab (thanks Rob!).

Just goes to show the fragility of tracking. We MUST track if we are at all serious about IM. BUT if the tracker fails your are then paying to send traffic to a black hole.

Who needs white water rafting when we have IM? LOL

The Article Published IN 08-15-2011 03:43 PM

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