Looking for a new tracker

I’ve been using CPV Lab for the last few months. Campaigns are super easy to setup, the stats and reporting rock, but…

When split testing landers/offers, it doesn’t distribute evenly at low view counts. I might be splitting 2 landers and 1 will have 27 views while the other only has 3 views. They said its by design to take load off the server and the numbers will balance at higher view counts. Some of my campaigns might take days to reach those view counts though and that skews the numbers since sunday might be a better day than monday or tuesday for example. So its possible that my crappy lander is showing on the good days and my good lander is showing on the bad days.

Anyone have suggestions? Does prosper do the same thing?


User Comment:
Try Prosper, it always does it evenly…

The Article Published IN 06-05-2011 04:43 PM

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