Looking for Facebook fan page programmer

hey guys,
I was looking for someone whose good with facebook fan pages for stuff like iframing cpa offers in em and creating optin forms, can pay good money for quick jobs via paypal, if you or someone you use can do this please post or pm, Thank you


User Comment:
i posted a tutorial already on how to include cpa offers. Seach is your friend.

Also – to create custom facebook pages with like to reveal, suggest you check out

(my app, free to use)

But if you need anything more advanced then that drop me a PM with what you want and ill suggest a couple of solutions.

User Comment:
Hey man

I use a script for mostly all of my customers fanpages. You’re able to create them easily yourself with this. Hit me up via PM so we can arrange something

The Article Published IN 07-01-2011 04:10 AM

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