LPs for Finance Verticals

I know for PPV LPs in general, we want to grab users’ attention
so we need weird graphics, loud arrows etc.

You guys find that the same thing works for "serious" markets like
finance and credit reports etc as well?

I built a no-nonsense LP yesterday and was glad to see that CTR
wasn’t too low.

Still need to bring it up abit, but it seems like in serious verticals, if
you go all hypey about it you might turn the visitor off.

Like which financial institution screams at you "HEY WAIT!!!" and bombs
you with a countdown timer etc?

What are your experiences?

User Comment:
This is something i thought for the longest time, it took me years to change my mind 100%.

I used to think exactly like what you said above. "You can’t bombard people with giant pink buttons and gif headlines when dealing with credit reports, debt, etc…" the thing is you can to a degree.

When a company is trying to hold a reputation they can’t do all the crazy stuff, because overall that stuff ruins reputation. As an affiliate looking to get quick conversions, you have no reputation to uphold, you just do whatever you can to ‘make the lead/sale’ and when you trying to make that quick lead no matter what vertical your in certain landing page techniques (no matter how amateur they look) will work.

For every campaign it’ll be different, but i can definitely say split test some wacky’ish style landing pages with more professional looking ones to see. One of my larger campaigns when i started off was with credit reports and my landing page was a good 50/50 mix of a professional and wacky. It had a professional theme to it with big arrows, and a GIANT call to action button. I think i split tested 10 landing pages or so for that campaign and that was the one i stuck with.

User Comment:
@stackman any chance of letting me have a glimpse of your LP?

No worries if you’re still running it though, just wondering what a 50/50 mix
would look like.

My current LP is really boring, no animation at all, just audio.

Getting an average of 2% CTR.

User Comment:
I actually don’t have it. Lost a good portion of my affiliate marketing stuff when i did a computer transfer a couple months ago. If you want PM you your landing page and i’ll point out some ideas that come to mind to boost CTR.

User Comment:
PM sent! blah blah blah (message is too short)

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