Make Ads Flash For Only 3 (X) Amount Of Seconds?

Make Ads Flash For Only 3 (X) Amount Of Seconds? How TO DO IT?


So I know there are some ad networks, including POF, that only allow ads to flash/animate for like 3 seconds or whatever, whats the best way to do this fast?

Like I know how to make gif images, but they flash non stop and I have no idea how to make them stop…

I also grabbed a few .swf files from the publisher I got the campaign from, and their swf files are REALLY NICE, but obviously are non stop flashing/ animation… Any way to edit the swf file so it only does the animation for 3 seconds etc?

Can a swf editor do this if so any reccomended software or tools?


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In photoshop at the bottom of the animation frame on the left it should say "forever". Just change that to 3 time

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I dont make my GIF’s with Photoshop. I just make a few pictures, edit a few things, then convert it into a gif using like a gif creator…

Also Photoshop doesnt work with swf images..

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PM me the swf let me see if I can bust it open in Photoshop.

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You can edit the length of animation in Flash CS4 but you need the source file, not the finished compiled product. If you can decompile it or get the source I’d be happy to edit it for you.

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ok a few more points to consider….

1) all flash needs to have a clicktag variable there is a somewhat standard way of doing this BUT every ad network isnt the same some have the variable as clickTag or clicktag…..which does make a difference

2) frame rate – this is a pain cuz networks vary on this as well and it needs to be what they require…usually less that 18 fps is ok….but some require 15 fps or less

3) size a fair amount of network creatives are oversized

flash can be a pain in the ass, ani-gifs, all be it arent as prety sometimes cuz they don’t handle png’s as nicely as flash does….but they are damn easy

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Here is a FREE tool that I have used to make gif files Flash for what ever time period you set .

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also I did…ighlight=ulead

its a cheap simple tool….and does banners real well and easy weasy

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Downloaded it but dont see how you make it flash for lets say 3 seconds… All i see is loop animation, check or not checked and I tried both of them but it did the same thing.. just flashed all the time…

Originally Posted by moneybags

Here is a FREE tool that I have used to make gif files Flash for what ever time period you set .

Also no point in sending anyone the source or image I want done because its not like I wont have to learn how to do it eventually, but thanks anyways!

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