Managing CPC’s / Rise in Daily Spending Limit

I’ve started an account that has now got up to a $2000 spending limit… some things I’ve noticed:

@ $50/day – I was getting clicks around .10c

@ $250/day – my clicks were about .05c

@ $350/day – my clicks would get as low as .03c – .04c

@ $750/day – my clicks are anywhere from .06c – .08c

@ $2000/day – my clicks are similar to the $750 range.

Obviously I would love to get back to the .03 – 0.04c click range. My suggested bids begin at 0.18c and when I was getting the 3 cent clicks at $350/day I was bidding 0.12c. Putting the bid lower at 0.08c doesn’t do much to decrease the price – although it does effect the volume.

Has anyone got any strategies or input here?


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Interesting stuff mate…

I’ve given up on trying to figure out what FB’s platform does. Apart from different recommended bids across old and new accounts I think the account history also plays a part.

How do you lower your bids?

I would drop my bids by 2c every 50 clicks but never go below the "new" recommended bid.

Is your CTR holding up? With bigger spend limits ads can get more impressions and decay much quicker.

I would try and bid HIGHER and see how that goes.

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My gut tells me it has nothing to do with the spending limit, but more to do with your CTR/ad performance over that same period.

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"Is your CTR holding up? With bigger spend limits ads can get more impressions and decay much quicker. "


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Originally Posted by deondup

I’ve given up on trying to figure out what FB’s platform does.

I like this quote

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definitely there’s a quality score on Facebook accounts, and it has to do like stackman says with ctr/ad performance. Try the same good ctr campaign in a different account and you will see different suggested bids.

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So, is it possible to get down to a 0.03 CPC with a daily budget of $20-$50?

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Originally Posted by d3so

So, is it possible to get down to a 0.03 CPC with a daily budget of $20-$50?

For sure. The problem is just that it takes time. You will need a 0.3%+ CTR and preferably be not in the USA, UK or some other competitive country where the starting bids are too high.

Unless your account limits you its never a good idea to have budgets as low as that. Its better to have a lower bid and a higher budget and this goes for almost any traffic source.

Bid high. Set big budgets and keep a close eye on things.

Low budgets and low bids gets you the scraps.

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Hmmm… there is a definite decay with the ads… from .5CTR to .4.

I always figured that history played a role and if you have a campaign that runs steady for a long time at high CTR you’d get a consistent low click. Guess it’s calculated on the previous days basis. I still believe there is some sort of algorithm that determines click price over impressions/clicks per day that lowers the CPC bid. Some days would start out @ 0.07c then following right onto the next days billing period it would begin @ 0.03c clicks with volume.

My strategy for bidding is pretty simple – I bid high (within the suggested amount) then once I get a good amount of impressions/clicks ( 50-100 ) I wait a few hours and check the suggested bid again. I bid within that amount and get more impressions/clicks until I start hemorrhaging the system and go from there. If the CTR is high then I drop my bids way down. I did notice with those low daily limits I was still bidding fairly high (0.15c) but I was paying 0.04c.

Thanks for the answers guys! I may just delete the ads and get them reapproved. The difference between 0.08c to 0.04c a click can make a big difference with the ROI.

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Their ad delivery seems to have a lot to do with initial CTR too. I have two ads running right now with almost identical CTRs (.200 and .202) but the one with .200 has gotten 3x as much traffic as the other at the same CPC, purely because it started out with a really high CTR for the first day. A lot of the optimization, at least on a campaign by campaign basis, seems to occur during the first million impressions or so. If you can keep your CTR high there and then have it drop down to its normal level, you can cap your bid without affecting volume. Might be worth duplicating the ad and trying this out.

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Slightly offtopic but;
Initial CTR is more a factor now than ever. It’s actually changing how i run facebook ads completely in the recent months. You pretty much NEED to get initial high CTR, otherwise your ad is unlikely to succeed and oyu’ll need to upload multiple versions of that ad to see it’s true CTR.

This is why p-bacon made this sweet post…ok-**UPDATED**

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For sure!

When (time of day) you launch your ads is important in this regard.

Also, remember that its a bidding system and you have to outbid the other bidder – which is why you will see slightly different recommended bids at different times.

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