Massive Upcomnig Campaign Angle: The Royal Wedding

I’m always stressing how important angles are.. sometimes you have to create them yourself, and sometimes they are already created based on facts, news, trends etc…

The royal wedding is taking place April 29th, and supposedly 26.2 million people watching. (Last night on Australian news they said "3 billion people will be watching live around the world", even though that number is definitely not accurate) it’s still a MASSIVE event!

I did some research and found there aren’t many offers relating to the wedding itself~

If you go to:
search: prince william, kate middleton, royal wedding, etc..
those are the only offers i can find.

…so your likely going to have to apply this wedding as an angle to another offer. I’d like to brainstorm some campaign ideas here!

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Royal wedding ringtones!!

Could easily do something along a poll type asking a question based around it or something.

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"Royal wedding to be most watched event of decade"

The first thing that comes to mind is dating.

I’m basing this more on assumption, but I’d say the main demographic interested in the royal wedding are women 25-50. Which is a great demo because women 30+ are the top demographic in conversion rates currently for dating offers!

There are a lot of offers targeted to dating 25+, and targeted to female 30+.

I’ve just done a lot of research to find which countries are the most interested in the royal wedding, and found the following:

The following list of 10 countries, have booked the most flights to the UK on (the best flight site btw) for April 23-29.
1. Germany
2. Australia
3. US
4. Poland
5. Turkey
6. Portugal
7. France
8. Italy
9. Greece
10. Spain
7.7 million people (15%) across the UK are taking 26th – 28th April as leave from work. 4.23 million will be taking a holiday in the UK and 1.37 million will take a holiday abroad during the week of the wedding.

Some facts about the royal wedding!
– 49 per cent of the UK believe it is true love. 44 per cent say they ‘don’t know’.
– Forty-three per cent of the UK believe the Royal Family are good for British tourism, and 34 per cent believe they are good ambassadors for the country globally. Thirty-two per cent say they are a national asset.
– 50 per cent of the UK think Prince William will be a modern king and 43 per cent think he will be caring, but only 31 per cent view him as an excellent leader, and an even smaller 23 per cent think he will be inspirational.
– 40 per cent of Germans are ‘very/somewhat’ interested in the Royal Wedding, followed by 39 per cent of Britons and 37 per cent of Americans.
– Three-quarters of French (76%) are not interested in the Wedding, with the Dutch also aloof to the royal romance (73 per cent not interested).
– 35 per cent of people in Germany and the USA want a spectacular, traditional British Royal wedding, but 21 per cent of those in the UK would like a smaller affair, with costs kept to a minimum.

Ok, lets move onto the angle:
The idea is using the royal wedding to promote true love to women 25-50 over the next 2 months. You’ll want to find the top converting dating offers for that demo, in the countries above.
I believe the countries you want to target the most are: UK/DE/AU and the rest are in no specific order. (US will also be a prime target as long as your using targeting, if your targeting the general population of the US, a lot of people won’t even know what the royal wedding is)

So how do we go about this?
First you need to find the appropriate traffic source.. Favorited on this forum are Facebook/PPV/POF and they’re all perfect traffic sources for this campaign.

For Facebook/POF you want to target the demo mentioned females 25-50, and use tight groups, maybe 30-34 will have double the ROI of 40-44, only way to know is targeting.
Then for facebook you will need to target ‘single’ women only.
Keywords is something you’ll want to test, but not necessary by any means. The keywords ‘the royal wedding’, ‘prince william’, ‘kate middleton’ etc.. don’t have a lot of traffic. So you’ll need to think of other keywords to get large traffic.

When targeting POF you’ll want to use all their targeting options to hit the right demo, below is the most compressive guide on how to narrow your market to the perfect demographic.!-%28Private%29

The obviously idea is to target ‘the royal wedding’, ‘prince william’, ‘kate middleton’ and all those keywords/urls, but you could also try wedding related keywords, previous princesses/kings, activities, sponsors, school etc all related to william/kate.

Hope that helps get the ball rolling!

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I just heard about this on the news when I flipped it on…..never thought of it! Great guide, I’m gonna test it out!

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Im still confused on how to apply the angle

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Originally Posted by jroes57

Im still confused on how to apply the angle

I’m not sure how Stack would do it, but I’m thinking something along the lines of…

Maybe add some actual sales copy – AIDA

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