May 19th Summary of Great Blog Posts

I digest a decent amount of blog posts throughout the week and thought it would be useful to share some of the highlights with you.

Let me know if this is useful to you cause Ill make it a regular feature.

PoF & Facebook
PoF keeps growing and growing – 6 million user logins a day now. Wow…on-log-insday/

PoF ads a great feature to the conversion crosstab report. Basically you can now exclude certain demographics from the report and see the impact on your conversion rates. This should reduce the need to split tests loads of options one by one.

Testing tons of images on PoF and Facebook is one of the first steps in creating new campaigns. With the right workflow you can save yourself tons of time. Here is a great workflow by Ian Fernando:…f-and-facebook

Facebook & Bing have expanded their relationship that will include more of facebook;s data in Bing’s search results. So any of you doing SEO – make sure you keep an eye on this development. Here is the summary:…its-very-core/

Aweber Rant
For those that do email campaigns – Barman rant on why Aweber sucks. Id be interested to know what he uses though – and im not referring to weed p0rn.…y-aweber-sucks

This was a topic of discussion on the forum here recently with some unconventional test results. Ie moving off Amazon S3/Cdn onto your own server can improve ROI by 20%. Josh Todd also posted a useful post about this. Here are the links:…re-you-losing/…to-affiliates/

"Always Be Testing" – we should all live by this when we put campaigns up. Here is a great summary of testing methods with some cool case studies

Competitive intel aka Spying
Two new services launched recently to help spy on ads. These 2 tools are focussed on media buys / display network. AdBeat has already been covered (heres a webinar) and is slightly older. A new kid on the block is WhatRunsWhere. Heres a quick review and example of how to use the tool:…-service-asap/

Random cool posts
From the same blog – a post about the 3 key things to understand if you want to be a super advertiser:…ow-principles/

If your looking for a great overview of the performance marketing business (which is basically what aff marketing is), then check out this excellent reference – A4u Performance Marketing Guide 2011. Its got great case studies, tips, approaches and product references for every single aspect of performance marketing. You can read it online, or download it if you signup with them (ive done this for you and the link is open to all)…nce-marketing/

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""Always Be Testing" – we should all live by this when we put campaigns up. Here is a great summary of testing methods with some cool case studies"

Great post. He’s awesome an awesome artist…net-marketing/

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