?? Media Buy clicks way off

Wasn’t sure how to title this to get the message across – but anyway… here’s the question.

I’ve been testing on SiteScout for a few weeks now, and generally struggle to get ctr over 0.1%… Had some success, but generally, it’s from testing several sites, and then targeting in on any one that shows signs of interest.

BUT – I’ve just set a site live and in minutes have got over 50 clicks, with a click through rapidly approaching 10% !!!!!

However, the clicks showing in my Propser202 and network are less than half this volume.

If it was just the network I’d put it down to identical ip’s, or delayed reporting… but even Propser202 in ‘real’ clicks and ‘All’ clicks, show less than half. And every click would go through Propser202 before anything, as this is a direct linking campaign.. (no landing page to be causing the issues).

So, it also can’t be a Geo location issue as the clicks would still show in Prosper, right?

First time I’ve noticed this as generally the clicks and tracking across SS, Prosper and the network are pretty much identical..

79 clicks now, but only 32-35 showing in Prosper and Network… and unfortunately, no conversions… ?????

User Comment:
Strange….I’ve never seen anything like that on SS.

Is your server okay? That would be the first thing I’d check.

Then, reach out to you Acc Man @ SS. Sure there’s an explanation

Regardless – 10% CTR is half decent

The Article Published IN 08-26-2011 02:10 PM

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