Mediatraffic Vs LeadImpact Vs Trafficvance

I seen in many guides here peoples are focusing on Leadimpact & Trafficvance. I have Mediatraffic account and i tried some ppv campaigns there. but not get any success yet. I am cant figure out weather i should try leadimpact/Trafficvance or i should do some more testing at Mediatraffic.

The offer i tested at mediatraffic was gaming download offer which got
spent 8.5$
conversion 1
earning 2.15$
loss 6.35

Welcome for any suggestions

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thats a great start to be honest. i know many people that put their first campaign up and fail to get any conversions.

do you use a landing page? if so whats your ctr?

what you need to do is analyse your keywords you have been bidding on. if there are some where you have spend $2 or more but they didnt have the conversion, pause those and test the other keywords.

once you have 4 or 5 conversions on the same keyword and your profitable you can be more confident that that is a good keyword to keep.

so i would say – stick with MT at this stage. test more traffic and try and become profitable. If you dont use a landing page at the moment it might be worth introducing one in your campaign to see if performance improves.

also – are you rotating different offers?

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Thanks for suggetions..

No i was not using landing page was direct linking.. my mistake was that not using prosper before as i was learning its functions. i will use it now waiting for campaign approval. no i was not rotating offers
so i think first i have to find out which keywords are profitable or atleast reaching to breakeven then i have to do some tweaking like offers rotation and including a LP

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yeah. tracking keywords is a must.

how many keywords did you target?

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Total targets were 132 out of which 4 yeilds 70% of traffic

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