Mini Case Study: FB Age Range – exact match vs.

Mini Case Study: FB Age Range – exact match vs. non-exact

After speaking with Greg yesterday about exact age match vs. non exact match on FB, and coming to the initial conclusion that non-exact match gave a plus/minus of 5 years oustide of your age range, I thought I’d run a little test of my own and share the results here.

Disclaimer: I’ve only just started using FB this week, so I’ll admit that I’m probably not the best person to be running such a case study, but I thought I’d post what I have so far.

This is a UK single parent related dating offer which I’d been running reasonably well on POF, but I can’t seem to get the volume I used to over there, so I thought I’d try my hand at FB.

My target is, no surprises, single parents! I’m specifically targeting females. I tried the last couple of days using keyword targeting (I love my daughter, being mom is great, etc..) but reach was pretty low (ie. 20k).

For the purpose of this test, I created two campaigns in FB:

Campaign 1 – ages 26-36, exact match

Campaign 2 – age 31, non-exact match (it gave same reach in the ad creation tool as that in campaign 1)

The first interesting thing to note was that as soon as I’d created my campaigns, the reach for the non-exact match wasn’t what it told me at the ad creation stage. Instead of being around the 270k people mark, it was around 25k.

Based on this, it seems that non-exact match DOESN’T give you a plus/minus of 4-5 years, and it’s just a fault with the estimator when you are creating the ad.

Anyway, both campaigns have been running for a few hours now.

Campaign 1 (exact match)

reach: 22,614
frequency: 4.4
clicks: 26
bid: 0.60 GBP
CTR: 0.026%
Spent: 14.08
Conversions: 7
Earned: 25

Campaign 1 (non-exact)

reach: 13,664
frequency: 4.5
clicks: 18
bid: 0.60 GBP
CTR: 0.029%
spent: 9.09
conversions: 2
earned: 7

Now, I know non of this is statistically significant, and my problem seems to be now that because my CTR has dropped to miniscule proportions, traffic has stopped. I shall bump my bids up a little to see if traffic starts again.

As an aside, if anyone has any bright ideas on how to target single parents AND get volume, I’d be eternally grateful.

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Great start dude! You could run a few more age groups just to see a spread of data.

Also if you PM me or Stack your ads (or even if you are feel like sharing in the thread) we could help you get that CTR up which will help increase volume. You should definitely be hitting a lot higher CTR with a tight demographic like that.

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Cheers Lorenzo. PM sent.

I upped my bids and traffic started flowing again, but I’ve since paused the non-exact campaign because I wasn’t getting any more conversions.

I’ve paused a load of ads on the remaining campaign (exact match), leaving my top ad in terms of ctr and conversion rate. Only 0.44% ctr though.

Unbelievably however, the campaign is just slightly profitable so far. 95 spent. 100 earned.

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Did you mean 0.044% ctr or 0.44%??

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Originally Posted by Mr Green

Did you mean 0.044% ctr or 0.44%??

Wishful thinking on my part! I meant 0.044%.

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Why the CTR is low is because your targeting ‘singles’ on Facebook, which has been saturated to death with dating ads. I’m not too experienced with dating, but I’ve done my fair share of leads to know the niche a bit and within Facebook I’ve learned you really need to find the ‘sweet’ image, or have a very interesting campaign angle, otherwise banner blindness is ridiculously present (even if it’s a new girl they haven’t seen before).

So it’s not only about the tight demographic in this case, it’s a way of passing the ever so present banner blindness.

I think your goal here is to figure out a way to beat the banner blindness, especially if your breaking an even ROI with such a low CTR. If i had the answer how to do this i could make any niche profitable and would be a billionaire, so you just have to test ideas that come to mind, but you should definitely be able to achieve at least a 0.1% CTR which should technically make you 100% ROI.

Focus on Images and Headlines!

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I tested more images, headlines and adcopy on this, but still can’t get my ctr above 0.05-0.06. It’s bobbling around the break-even mark still.

Also, I’ve noticed that certain headlines do get my CTR higher, but my conversion rate drops! I think I need to take a break from this dating campaign for a few days, focus on some others, and come back to it with fresh eyes.

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I don’t have any real answers for you but i would be looking at targeting my ads better. Single moms is a pretty niche offer and will probably discount a big % of single women.

Having working in London for 5 years I know there are some great websites with very detailed demographic data. You can find towns, suburbs or even postcodes with high percentages of single moms and target those. I remember that Liverpool was the city with the highest % of underage moms – they will be single, right?

Might be worth a shot.

Having said that, my CTR’s in the UK has always been lower than elsewhere.

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This is going to sound racist… BUT a big tip to target single moms is to target by ethnicity. Basically read some statistics for Americans who happens to be a single mom then find keywords that that demo would have on their profile, bingo bango.

I know this strategy works because I used it for Scholarship4Moms which tends to skew to single moms.

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did you use an lp for this?

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Originally Posted by mikhailjon

did you use an lp for this?

No – just direct linking.

Thanks for all the comments and advice. The offer converted well, but the problem with such niche offers on Facebook is how to target. Which keywords to use. Thanks to deondup and The Angry Russian for tips on demographic and geo targeting. I’ll give ’em a go, and see what happens.

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