Mobile Advertising Through Adwords Policies etc?

Now that admob is shutting down and moving to adwords, im scared to try mobile ads there…

What type of sites will they accept? Do the same regulations still apply to mobile ads or can we use short mobile friendly landing pages??

Can you run affiliate type offers on mobile network with out dealing with suspensions etc?

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Adwords isn’t nearly as anal about advertising on their display network as they are with search. I had no problems with approval when I transferred my admob campaigns over to adwords.

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I’m going to wait till the full transition at the end of the month before jumping into AdWords mobile wap display again.

One thing that concerns me is how they are sneaky bitches about mobile and will get tons of small unsuspecting advertisers to pay for mobile. They do the same shit with search where you have to "opt out" of getting mobile traffic by selecting Desktop and Laptop devices only. Most small time advertisers are not going to know how to do that so they are paying up the ass for mobile traffic their sites can’t even handle.

Anyway the point is if they do start serving mobile to advertisers on content without proper notification the CPCs and CPMs might be inflated and I smell a Class Action Lawsuit down the line lol

The Article Published IN 09-11-2011 07:18 PM

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