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Hi guys,

I’m on my way to Android and iOS mobile developer status.

I aim to keep testing mobile app ideas until I find one that sticks.

I want to splash out dozens of ideas with in-app purchasing and recurring revenue opportunities, and keep trying different advertising approaches. I’ll update you with interesting findings.

I’m working a ton of hours, and I feel like shit!

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Great, looking forward to your findings !

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Good luck! Keep us posted.

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Originally Posted by andromeda

I’m working a ton of hours, and I feel like shit!

Part of this business is TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF.

Take breaks, eat well, go for a 15-minute walk outdoors…

But keep yourself refreshed and healthy.

Doing too much and feeling like shit usually results in poor performance & slow thinking.

You’d be amazed at how many fresh ideas you could come up with just by stepping away and doing something for yourself – giving your subconscious mind a chance to do its work.

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To echo what liane said, consider working in 50 minute blocks. Cut out all distractions for 50 minutes, and focus intensely during that time. Then, rest 10 minutes… completely change channels in your mind/activities for 10 minutes. Then do another 50. After the second or 3rd 50, take a 20-30 minute break.

I promise at the end of the day, if you do your 50 minute blocks properly, you’ll get more done.

I’m interested in this, we have a promising app that I’d like to maximize with some in-app stuff.

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