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Ok so this is my first POF campaign ever. I would love some feedback and input along the way for anyone who wants to chime in

I’ve read through many threads and understand the basic foundation of the targeting variables, ads, etc.

Since everyone and their mother is doing dating ads on POF, I decided not to start out with a dating campaign, just to see how things go.

Yesterday and current stats for today are:

Spend: $64.49
Rev: $16.25
Net: -$48.24
Offer CR: 8.9%

That’s a total of testing 1 offer against three age groups with the same targeting options.

3 age groups of 5 year ranges
Specific education levels
Firefox/IE Browsers
Session > or = 4


Direct Linking

10 images and 2 headlines per campaign (which now I’m thinking is a bit too much for starters)

age group 1
Bid: 0.57 cents
Spend: $23.72
Leads: 2
Rev: $6.50
Imp: 47658
Clicks: 15
Overall CTR: 0.031%

age group 2
Bid: 0.38 cents
Spend: $22.67
Leads: 3
Rev: $9.75
Imp: 57389
Clicks: 19
Overall CTR: 0.033%

age group 3
Bid: 0.38 cents
Spend: $20.75
Leads: 0
Rev: $0.00
Imp: 54594
Clicks: 27
Overall CTR: 0.049%

I know CTR is low, that’s cause there’s so many ads per campaign.. and each ad has only received about 800-900 impressions so far.

2 ads that made conversions have a .23%+ CTR


1. How many impressions should I allow for each ad to receive before ditching it?
2. Should I stop the 3rd age group since its not produced even 1 conversion at this point?
3. I will continue testing new ads once I start to filter some of these out, what other optimizations can I do?


User Comment:
Your session depth is WAY too low. Try Session Depth less than 20 or 25. Most people log on to pof, check their inbox, read messages, and then browse. Most don’t look at many ads before they finish with that. You’re literally targeting the users who are logging in, doing something they’re focused on, and that’s it. By the time they’re looking at ads, you’re not showing them to them anymore.

eta: Read that wrong. You’re not targeting those people but you’re targeting people who have been on and idly browsing pages for hours. Try targeting session < 20 or 25 and see how that does.

User Comment:
Thanks will do

User Comment:
But his session depth was >4, not <4.

User Comment:
Yeah, and I addressed that in the edit of my post. >4 isn’t great. Anything over 20 or 30 is people who aren’t going to click on your ads for the most part since they’ve been dicking around on pof for a while at that point and aren’t in a buying mindset.

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