Msn Adcenter Account JV, Easy 20% ROI

If you have or can create an adcenter account that I can use I can pay you back the days charges plus 20% every night via paypal. Probly start at 50 a day, then move up to 200 a day. It’s not much but it’s free and easy money. Need more accounts to scale the campaign. If your interested pm your skype and we’ll talk. Thanks

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What’s to stop us from just stealing your campaign?

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sounds fishy…

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Edit: Not calling you a scammer, it’s just that these things don’t usually end well. You should just make your own accounts.

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corp, id have the switch passwords while using the account,
nusolutionz, need more accounts to scale a campaign
yale47, msn tracks by ip and payment info and I cant get any credit cards, trust me im working on it, im sure there are a few different ways, did this before with a few others worked out fine,

The Article Published IN 07-19-2011 08:17 PM

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