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I’ll take you from the beginning so you know as much information as possible so you get a good idea of what’s happening.

On a new account I setup a campaign to test, was maxing out the initial $50 budget with ease. The audience was over 1 million according to them too.

I added another campaign and paused it ready until I got my next increase ($250/day), then unpaused that one and both together where hitting the limit each day from the get go. The newer one had an audience of around 100k I believe with about 20 images running – the volume was definately there.

Yesterday I launched a new campaign (still on $250/day limit) which took the majority of the budget in a short amount of time. This new one has an audience of around 700k with about 30 images running.

Today I got an email saying tomorrow my limit will be $350/day, the 3rd campaign is still going wild and taking up the majority of the impression count/spend. How come my first 2 have died down to nothing? Do they take max spend into account and allocate it to campaigns or something?

Each campaign has different targetting so that’s none of them are marketing to the same group of people, I have used interests in them all – some are different ages/genders etc.

I hope it’s understandable, it’s a bit of a mouthful to get out in words…



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I have excectly the same question. I was running some campaigns together, and there was only one campaing really spending money, while the others were just spending a few bucks and they were performing very well earlier? (and still, but not getting the amount of impression they normally received) . – i am at a 250 budget btw.

Rich, how many times did you hit the 250 budget before it got raised?

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Just replied in the skype chat but I’ll post it here for everyone else. I hit $250 dead on 3 times and the day before was $247 so not sure if that counted or not

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@ Rich, FYI…$247 will not count. Must be exactly your spend limit.

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^ Yep, you gotta hit the limit exactly. From what i remember it’s 4 times per limit to get it increased. The $350 barrier never used to exist, used to be a faster process to $5k.

As for your main question, Facebook obviously doesn’t release this info so i can’t say for sure but i notice the same thing all the time. What i notice is traffic sticking to my campaigns which have a higher daily budget, and a better overall CTR for the ads running.

For all my campaigns I’m always trying to increase my CTR (so that objective is already done), the only other thing i’ve tried which seems to help sometimes is set my budget the same for all campaigns. I don’t always do it because it screws up how i want to allocate my spending, but if all campaigns are profiting and if I’m in no rush to spend money on any particular campaigns then this method works pretty well. — Also sometimes i am in a rush to spend my $ on a campaign, sometimes it’s an idea i know people will steal fast, or it’s something Facebook may ban very soon, so then i lower my budgets on my other campaigns to very low, and increase that 1 campaigns budget for the week, go through $3k spending a day, and within 7 days or so I’ve usually gone through the majority of the target. I’ll then attempt to up my CTR with new ads, and will either run it full speed the next week or just run it slow again.

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Nice one cheers, yeah I didn’t think the 247 would really count anyway. I’m keen to see the full potential of this campaign to be honest – already blasting through the $350 daily limit now so should easily hit that it’s just going to take a while to get to a good amount of spend. I’m hoping that the next increase isn’t to $450…

I might make another and slowly throw shit at it to increase the spend although I don’t need it just yet, so just incase I do I have one already ona good amount instead of going through all this again.

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This still seems to be a problem I’m having (I’m now on a $500/day budget) and just unpaused another campaign which will work as it’s similar to one working but a totally different demo. I’ve set the bid 1 cent higher than the main one running now + the daily budget slightly higher too yet it’s still just giving me traffic to the main one.

They must know it will spend the $500 so not bothering giving any of my other campaigns a chance 😛

Do you think I would be best maybe lowering the daily budget so it stops getting traffic giving the others chance to show?

—Further Edit—

What I did was put all of my daily budgets the same, and put this new one $100 higher. I’m not sure if it made a difference but I put the bid 1cent higher than the other one even though it’s a totally different demographic.

Anyway traffics beginning to flow in for this campaign opposed to the other one – shame it’s all on 1 ad out of the 25 live 😛 The other ads have had 1-5 impressions each whereas this one has had 17k :S Pretty happy the ctr of it 0.717% with cpc of 4cents at the moment.

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Adrian just posted this in another thread:

4) Why do only 3 out of 50 of my ads get impressions most of the time? — Facebook has a self-optimizing algorithm that filters out low CTR ads. I told her it optimized wayyyy to fast. When one or two of my ads get good CTRS it just shuts all of the ads down pretty much and most of them never get more than a few hundred impressions (if any). She was really surprised to hear this and said they never have feedback on that situation before and said it was great feedback and it would be addressed with whomever she reports to. For the mean time, she recommended something I already do (building a camp with 50 ads but only running 5 at a time to test for ctr and then pausing). This is just a hassle though. I suggested that their system not optimize ads out of rotation until they’ve had at least 5k impressions – enough to judge good/bad ctr in my opinion.

This same problem applies to traffic going to full campaigns with the highest CTR. It’s just something that currently has to be combated against using manual pausing + budget/bid lowering methods. So raise your bids slightly on the lower CTR campaigns & up your daily budgets for those as well, then lower your daily spend dramatically on other campaigns (the top CTR ones). Then vice versa when you want traffic to the other campaigns. So pretty much what your doing just lower the daily spend a lot more on the campaigns your seeing too much traffic to.

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Who’s running the skype chat ? I’d like to join it!

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Cheers Stack, one thing I was wondering about is issues with pausing campaigns – do you see any negative effect when you unpause them at all? I’ve read that you should never pause ads and maybe just set the budget to like $5/day or something.

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I would also like to know the answer to rich’s question.

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