My Facebook Campaign Questions?

Started a campaign targeting 700k users using keywords for a download offer..

CPA is 3.00 dollars per download and im direct linking, at first i was getting around .30 epc’s, and my clicks on average where around .17 or so with a .2 ctr around…

Now the first day I was doing good, around .30 epc’s so making money, but now already on the second day, conversions are dropping and im down to around .17 epc which is about how much im making but im spending like 200 a day which sucks.. Im breaking even already on the second day, so dont understand whats happening?

Whats causing this drop in conversions already on the second day? Is my target already used up? If not then the same people are seeing the ads and clicking on them… what you guys suggest now?

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Hey man, I’ve seen this happening too. What was your impression count that first day, did you hit over the 700k audience? Also, check your dayparting info. Even though it’s only been a day, you could see something there possibly? Is this a dating, or gaming type of offer? I find these are way more successful in evenings and weekends. Case in point, I was running a BeCoquin, France a while back. It was my first profitible campaign. I ran it for a bit over a week and saw modest profits. I read about the day parting thing and checked my stats. 80% of my conversions came between 5PM and 10PM local time. I turned off all ads outside of those hours and suddenly I was seeing 70-100% ROI for a short time. In the long run it posted a decent 60% ROI before I let it outstay it’s welcome. In the end, I had let it rack up about 6,000,000 impressions on a 240k audience with about 8k clicks, but before my ctr hit the pooper I hit up about 4,500,000 impressions with about 7500 clicks or so.

Another point, I recently ran a gaming offer on FB. I started testing on a Tuesday and was seeing overall pretty shitty CTRs. My best ones were ~.15%, and for gaming I hear that’s kind of turd-ish. A lot were down in the .04-.07%. I shit-canned a bunch of ads as a result, kicked some off on Friday and was seeing much better ctr. Best ads were in the .28-.33% ctr. I let them run on Saturday and they remained there and my cpc’s dropped quite a bit.

Then on Monday, my ctr went down a bit again. So, it could be related to day/week parting maybe?

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I personally don’t think you hit your reach in that 1 day. Unless you spent $10k+ so it can’t be that. It could be a mix of day parting, or you not giving the campaign enough time to settle in. How many hours did that campaign run when you saw the .30 EPC, and how many clicks to the campaign in that period of time?

The Article Published IN 06-22-2011 12:03 AM

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