My first attempt – POF – 0 to ??


ive signed up for this forum and eventually decided to give it a try myself. I haven’t done anything like this before, apart from a few minisites a couple years ago for some adsense …

I do have quiet a limited budget so am trying not to waste much cash.

Wouldnt be surprised if i was doing something so please put me on the right way is you spot something wrong.

I’ve have started my first campaigns couple days ago a got these results in terms of CTR


9389 imps
10 clicks
ctr 0.107

1AD: CTR 0.16
2AD: CTR 0.081
3AD: CTR 0.105
4AD: CTR 0.106
5AD: CTR 0
I have now taken off 5AD and 2AD.

I also tried to duplicate this campaign for UK but got nearly no volume.

I then went a bit more specific in terms of interest targeting (i.e. im trying to make ad headlines + texts + pics in reference to some interest, mainly that women tend to like..)


1AD: 0.127
2AD: 0.128
3AD: 0.235
4AD: n/a so far


Tried to sell some of those men that like to spoil girls lol .. didnt really work

1AD: 0.110
2AD: 0.137
3AD: 0.070
4AD: 0

Dropped the last two, maybe can try and sort out the first two + try some more?

I cant so far tell whether there is a potential in the CTR im getting and i can tweak it to get to say 0.2+ average or is this it and any improvements would not be very realistic?

I am bidding from 0.55 to 0.65 across these campaigns.

So far I am trying to get some good ctr and hence clicks, havent been playing with the offer at all, so i think thats why i didnt get any conversions yet. I just put the CupidsWand on them and Richmen on the shopping campaign but as i said, got no conversions. I am thinking that because I am targeting particular interests in the ad content maybe its crucial for me to set up several landing pages to presell and let them know that "yes there are men that like doing this on the next page"?

Are there any particular offers you would recommend me for these demos?

I’l give it a go.

So far I spend abit over 30% to get those results I got. Gonna try similar way on other interests and play with the landing page to hopefully get some conversions.

PS: I dont really have a particular goal in terms of earnings as I just want to firstly make sure I can generate +ROI before making some big targets …


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I am going to try and run the interests im targeting through the POF Demographics tool and maybe get some more precise targeting to inrease CTR? To add to the creation of the landing page .. should work? Or am I seeing it too easy? Guess I’m gonna have to try

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A landing page will definitely help your cause. It creates a smooth transition from your ad where you promise things to the offer page, which is generic. The way I approach LP is to make it so that the user clicks the ad, goes to the LP, and then the offer page is just a formality.

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Ok, i’ll make couple of LPs and see how it goes!

Also how do i go about getting approved on EWA as it says that all stm members are getting approved?


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+1 on trying out some LP’s. You also may want to try limiting your budget and bidding higher (i only say limit since your on a tight one) I still notice quite the difference in bidding on premium traffic vs. the bottom.

<150 LC isn’t the most competitive spot compared to <50 but you’re still most likely bidding a fair amount below eveybody else. On the flip side you could split test log in counts above 150 (this is the vast majority of POF traffic. The quality might be lower but the CPM’s are a lot cheaper so see what works for you.

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Thanks for advice, i’m gonna keep it in my mind and try it in the next couple days.

Right now im trying to find different niches where i can get CTR above 0.1%, and then going on to tweak them individually to boost up the CTR further – is this approach OK for now? Is it reasonable to hope that if i am getting 0.1% now with circa 20 pics there will be space to boost it up to lets .3% by testing more pics? I guess ad title plays an important part too so i am trying to identify some pattern of either statements or questions that attract attention ..

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The 18-34 demographic that you’re targeting is a little wide, don’t ya think? In my opinion, a 20 year old will react differently, be interested or not, than a 34 year old to the same ad copy. I would break that up.

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Put it this way with 110×80 and the right niche i’ve done over 1% consistently not always with a ton of volume but hey it’s possible

Headlines play a very key role in your CTR’s a lot of people seem to put all their focus on the image which is a big factor in getting peoples attention but headlines are why people click your ads.

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1% as in 1.0%? hooly shit. I’ve got some catching up to do.

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Yeah, good idea, il split the age group into two and work on that.

I hope im not going to run out of cash before starting to make +ROI, so i better hurry up lol.

I seem to have a creative block with discovering niches, not really sure how to set up new campaigns everyday to reach some real targets if im struggling to come up with a few. lol

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1% is sick, gonna have to think on my niches alot )

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If I’m feeling a blank I’ll either look through the spy tool or just look through targeting options and think how I can use each one.

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Could anyone point me in the right direction please – how to (at least approximately) determine how much to bid for a demo to get to to the "premium" positions? same for the bottom ones? Where to check how high am i in relation to other bidders in the same demo?

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WOOOO so i have made a landing page, threw in some extra ads with other pictures and the first conversion came in! Got my first 3.75$. Haha

Going to try and make similar campaigns across other hobbies and compile a batch of hq/amateuresque photos to go along and see that would go
Also going to try and work on/make more LPs.
And split test campaigns to test different performance on the login count x bid scale

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BOOM! now your making some solid progress keep it up! If you need bid advice i’d reach our to [email protected] he might be give you some ball park figs or a few ideas.

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Good luck! I started PoF two days ago with some dating campaigns and am having a bit of success so far. Remember small things like image borders to help increase CTR, etc.

Keep us updated

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Thanks! Il let you know how is it going after im going to have next batch of some figures.

Good shout re [email protected], after il make a couple more campaigns that show some signs of life il get in touch for some tweaks.

matter3: yeah im trying different color borders, shadows, ribbons … good luck! are you talking success as in straight generating good bucks? that is cool

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Only around 4 conversions so far which generated close to $12, so mild success. I think I’m profiting but a small margin but this was with basic creatives, no borders or anything special. Testing a new batch today which should get me some better CTRs and also implemented a nice LP to boost convos.

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Nice one mate! How many campaigns are you running at the same time?

Annoying thing with being from Europe is that its hard to be up during the internet prime time, i.e. us evening! Might get an early alarm going lol.

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One campaign with 6 live creatives. I find it difficult to focus on multiple campaigns as you start to lose focus on something that is close to doing well. At least when starting out with something new, I think it’s much better to focus on one idea that shows slight success then just build up.

Make sure you get October’s golden ticket if you haven’t already :…-is-up&p=29416

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I have another question – is there a source where i can check the breakdown of all pof users? As in how many % of users belong to x age bracket, y age bracket etc. The reason I am asking is because prior to targeting any particular users (lets say seniors), i would like to check if there is even any market in it.

Thanks in advance.

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Originally Posted by avidras

I have another question – is there a source where i can check the breakdown of all pof users? As in how many % of users belong to x age bracket, y age bracket etc. The reason I am asking is because prior to targeting any particular users (lets say seniors), i would like to check if there is even any market in it.

Thanks in advance.

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I would also recommend reading through all of (if you haven’t already). Ben drops nuggets and insights into the PoF userbase pretty often.

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So not that much success …

I have tried several campaigns, but none of them apart from one really delivered many clicks, just cost me money … The only one that I think makes reasonable clicks is


Ive tried some pics and found out that "Would you date a ____" header works well. Kind of getting an idea of what type of pics of men work too.

My AD stats so far are:

1AD: 0.122
2AD: 0.372
3AD: 0.155
4AD: 0.078
5AD: 0.235
and a couple others…

Overall CTR comes to about 0.15%. I am going to try come up with other creatives and more pictures, but so far it looks more like me trying different creatives but just losing money on them .. Now I have only tried about 8 different pictures so far, and now not sure that if the fact that i got some CTR so far is an indicator that there is a higher potential there and i just need to get there by testing more until i reach results, and then end up with several rotating creative batches to make the sustainable? Not sure whether I should focus most of attention to the further development of this campaign or try find other niches (struggling at that a bit) that would yield at least 0.1% ctrs so as to run campaigns at the same time.

Still also not making any conversions apart from that first one, maybe i am going to have to work on my LP a bit more. if anyone here is curious and would be interested in having a quick look on it to spot some flaws let me know would be much appreciated.

thanks for the advice so far, bens blog seems really useful!

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I’m not sure if you mentioned what offer you were running, but you could split test those good images with another offer, since the CTR does seem pretty good. Because if you’re getting clicks for that demographic, the only thing left is for there to be a good offer at the end of them.

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Oh yeah!

I was trying to run CupidsWand, that didnt generate anything.

Then i switched to as it seems like the most appropriate choice for the chosen demo (out of my options, im on Maxbounty, Peerfly, FluxAds and Wolfstorm) + LP

Conversions are still pretty poor tho, now i guess that this can be due to to the 1) offer 2) LP.

For the past two days:

My CTR on LP > OFFER is 36% (7 out of 19 clicks in total)
CR on the offer is 14% but that only because i so far got 1 reg, not a good enough sample …

What frustrates me a bit now that these values dont seem to be profitable at all. Even if I assume that I will crank up my CTR on LP to 60% (double what i am on now…) and the CR will remain 10%, with offer paying out 3.45$ I’ll need campaign CTR to be circa 0,35 just to take 10% ROI. Not sure how doable that is … :/

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Not much update so far, as I have been sorting out things Ive missed on when i rushed into launching, mainly tracking ….

Got Prosper202 running on my server, working my way round it now. I’ve realized that its just retarted to run some testing/camps without having a tracker put on so going to fix that now.

It is taking me too long to build up a nice ad pics folder, and i am now realizing that the volume of tested ads that is required to id some moneymakers is so much higher.

So i am loading up my two/three campaigns with more ads so I can do some proper testing.

When il get some more number from testing my stuff il put it up here!

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this thread will help you get a ton of dating ad pics quickly:…Plenty-of-Fish

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Been a while again … not so much progress in term of revenues, not sure where am i going wrong exactly.

I have focused on one campaign instead of trying different ones to try make it profitable and just then go into another ones.

So i have tested about 25 creatives last in the course of last 2 nights, and got the winners with the following CTRs –

AD1 0.201
AD2 0.201
AD3 0.225
AD4 0.113
AD5 0.150
AD6 0.428
AD7 0.202
AD8 0.166
AD9 0.267
AD10: 0.198

So i now have a basic set of 5×2 creatives I can alternate to improve the sustainability. I am going to test out more creatives until i end up with the set of 5×4 creatives that will be regularly rotating. Is that the right way of thinking?

But my big problem is, I am getting no conversions I had one or two, but thats it – out of 78 clicks so far!

I have tried different offers, CupidsWand, Matchmaker, and now on DateAgency, with no luck. This is very frustrating as i thought I will at least generate some revenue instead of just wasting money with no return..argh.

I am using LP, and have tested three versions out. Here is the one I am using now – if anyone would have a second and could let me know whats so wrong about it would be much apprecited!


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I assume that the location just auto inserts at the top using tokens.

I would keep testing some more offers, go with some proven converters like true, speeddate, mate1, richmen, etc. see if that helps.

Also this may help get high CTR but using the word "Chubbies" when marketing to women isn’t exactly going to appeal to them. Maybe try words like "full figured" "thick" "curvy" etc. Your getting high CTR though so keep trying and you’ll get there!

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Forget landing pages and just direct link to the offers imo

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Damn, can’t edit… I mean do some split testing with direct linking and with landers

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Also this may help get high CTR but using the word "Chubbies" when marketing to women isn’t exactly going to appeal to them. Maybe try words like "full figured" "thick" "curvy" etc. Your getting high CTR though so keep trying and you’ll get there!

Yeah – I mean, seriously dude… Referring to a woman as Chubby and hoping that will appeal to her is a little way out. It’s like shouting ‘Hey Fatty’, and telling her a load of guys want a fat chick.

Remember, you’re trying to make her believe her curves are actually an attractive feature and not something she should be desperately trying to loose because our society says ‘fat’ is wrong. Tell her she’s ‘curvy’, ‘voluptuous’, a ‘real woman’… Remember, BBW is Big, BEAUTIFUL, Women… Chubby and beautiful just don’t go together… Not in a woman’s eyes.

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Lol, english isnt my mother tongue and i randomly thought that chubby is a neutral word … My bad. Im gonna update my LP today.

Mothman why do you reckon? You are the first person to take this view, i tried direct linking before and it didnt do well either..

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it depends what your targeting is like and whether you are pushing a niche offer or not. I’m by no means an expert, I just thought it would be worth testing it without using landers

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Something well strange happened today – i ran my campaign, and suddenly started (according to pof interface) getting mad amount of clicks, with some ads having a CTR of 2%. The thing is these ads ran before and were getting just around 0.2-0.3 before. One of the creatives has gone mad and got a CTR of about 4%. So I stopped it and ran other ones, and again – couple of creatives started going click-mad!

But the problem is – I doubt they are real, as my Google Analyics doesnt record any visitors on the landing pages, which is strange considering i just got 85 clicks in a bout half an hour .. for about 3.5$ LOL

Is this some kind of bug that happens?


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Yeah, something is up with POF right now:…Wrong-With-PoF

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I didnt update this thread for a while cause ive been busy but have been slowly working on my campaigns. Although there is some improvement, in terms of revenue generated, i am still missing my positive ROI

I have focused on one campaign (targeting 30+ christian women, using Christian Matchmaker offer). I’ve tested circa 40 pictures, out of them got a few that generate a CTR of 0.1-0.15. For some reason none of them get anything higher then that .. The problem I am having is inconsistency in terms of both CTR as well as CR.

Some days I test pictures and let the "winners" run, and end up with pretty much breaking even. Other days I run just the winners, come back a few hours later and apart from getting some neglectable number of conversions the CTR of the "winners" fall often below the 0.1% ..

Out of the last 6 days, me I have break even once, and lost cash on the other ones.

Could anyone give me any advice please? I have tried different bids (0.75 – 1.05), different login counts (50, 100; when i choose 50 the volume im getting is extremely small), and im using session depth of 5-30.

Can it really be that none of the circa 40 pictures I’have tested are good enough to have a profitable CTR?


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I think you need to tweak your campaign by focusing on what’s working and limiting the variables you test.

For example take your top winning creatives and just test one variable at a time.

When you start adding log ins, session depth, bids etc. all at the same time you’re just going to get no where.

I would set 1 log in count (maybe a session depth if you really want to)

and just create a few duplicate campaigns at different bid levels. See how the bids effect the CTR and how many impressions you get.

As a side note on your creatives having inconsistency. How long/many impressions are you letting ads accumulate before pausing them? I see a lot of people on here stick to the pause at 1K impressions rule which personally I think is a reason a lot of people see their ads quickly decline in a matter of days. Make sure you give your ads a fair shake at getting enough views in front of your audience.

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