My First Insurance Campaign

<p>I started a new campaign over the weekend. The campaign is for insurance company that gives you quotes from a list of "actual" insurance companies. I launched it from facebook. I decided to target a specific state and type of car. I launched 3 new ads on facebook. I choose the 2 cars (sports cars) and 1 state to test out. Only 1 actually did anything. </p>

I’m wondering if I’ve narrowed down my audience too much and should remove the type of car filter. I attached the add as it appears on facebook.

Campaign Reach? 973
Social Reach?

Please send any tips or comments

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holy crap you got that approved? lol..

personally i think you might be taking the wrong angle (see some of the angry russians posts about how to quit being clever and profit)

While this ad does call out user attributes its relation to insurance is vague. Doubtful that it would really do much as far as conversions with out a relative lander. if you reach is only 973 i think you need to try to open up your targeting a bit. Never a demo to small but the amount of volume you’ll be able to generate with that number of impressions is going to be very very low.just some thoughts

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Ya you have overshot things a bit.

You are targeting people who you know are into mustangs, you don’t need to bring the chick in. Let the mustang take the wheel.

Try something simple like "Own A Mustang?" "Californian Mustang owners may be eligible for $9/week car insurance. Click here." Test pictures of messed up mustangs as well as hot new mustangs.

I would probably start by dropping your state targeting and going full speed with US. This will allow you to get enough data to test ads and whether its worth your time an effort.

Once you have it close to working then you can move back to states and give that burn.

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Yea I got approved. I didn’t expect to though. But from what I read, that’s how it goes on facebook. I forgot to add that I do have a landing page for the campaign.
I’ll remove the state filter and update the landing page. Let me know your thoughts on the landing page. Thanks again for your help.

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An Update: I’m getting decent clicks on the add. I’m running 2 ads CTR: .107 & .108 however CJ doesn’t show any conversions yet. I’m guessing it has something to do with my landing page. I would love some outside ideas on what is driving people away.



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your site says it was tested on June 11

The Article Published IN 06-21-2011 10:16 PM

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