My next tutorial (2)


Here is Part 1 of the tutorial

Heres another chance to vote for what tutorial you would like me to put together next.

In the last poll you voted for the $30 email submit campaign.

There were 54 people that voted last time.

Lets see if we can get 75 people to vote on this one ;0


ps. if you have any other suggestions, leave a comment in this thread!

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Anything with regards to Facebook Ads man – maybe a tutorial related to using Facebook pages and LP’s (like you mentioned in the post in your signature)

Thanks for being an awesome contributor to the forums!

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Ill have to do that together with Dan as i havent done a FB ad in my life….lol

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How about something like building and monetizing a facebook fan page? I’ve always wanted to start a couple of fan pages and get them active but always seem to put it off for the instant roi

edit: Just seen you said you haven’t used fb, I was keen to try out rebills on ppv but found out traffic vance don’t allow the news sites so need to think of another tactic.

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he rich

sorry – i have used fb lots as in api, creating pages, etc.

just not facebook ads

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Haha well I’m looking forward to your next tutorial – whatever it may be

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Looks like people want to see what can bring in the most money, but thats always the case

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I would like to see a tutorial on how to use CPV Lab for tracking PPC with – FBads, Bing/yahoo, etc.

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theres a tutorial on the new cpvlab portal – i havent looked at it yet though.…th_CPV_Lab.pdf

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Originally Posted by stackman

Looks like people want to see what can bring in the most money, but thats always the case

Not necessarily as my $30 a day post and tutorial demonstrated.

I think its all about the perception on whether the result is achievable by the user themselves. $30 a day is a great result for someone not making anything at the moment.

Sofar 41 votes! Only another 35 to go and if the poll is as skewed as it currently is ill close it early.

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Nice one – we did more votes then the previous poll.


but still short of the 75 votes i would like to hit

come on!!!

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awesome….5 more and were done

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You’ve got enough votes now, Martijn!

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lol. yeah – poll closed!

Clear winner.

I will post a link to the first tutorial here.

What I am gonna do is a 3 to 5 day series with a tutorial each day showing a step in the process to testing offers with high volume targets.

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