My "Throw Spaghetti at the Wall Approach"

Perhaps a more advanced method or rather for lazy people who have large budgets to test. Usually when I need to get a PPV campaign going I pick several offers in the same niche, throw em in a lander, build a huge KW list and let her run for about a week. You will lose a ton of money but run through it and get as many conversions as possible, forgetting about ROI. Figure out the working URLs and then build a lander based on that url, or a keyword based url. Make it look like that page.. if needed pull the swap trick (don’t use logos though, a big no no).

Putting it into a concrete example for a real campaign that worked for me:

1) Picked 5 auto zip submits + 2 long form auto submits. 7 offers total.
2) Threw em up in an auto-rotating lander.
3) Did a ton of keyword research to get about 300 keywords. Most of these were car forums, names of specific cars, auto trading sites, etc. Do it old school google style for those that can remember those days heh.
4) Let her run. I bid high on all the keywords because I was expected to lose money. This campaign ran for about a week and a -$100 to $150 a day and most of the urls were crap.
5) Week was done and looked at the stats: specific forums and specific models of cars were getting conversions.
6) Out of those 300 KW 5 sites (car forums) and 7 car models were getting some conversions and some were even already profitable.
7) Build landers that "blend" into the sites. I use the same colors as the forum uses and try to mimic the layout. Keep it simple like: Special offer for visitors, get $9 insurance per month.
8) Build landers based on car models. Also very simple: picture of the car in question and say "Do you have Audi TT? Get $9 insurance." etc. For these landing pages you should look very official. Mostly white backgrounds, green/blue colors with authority. Logos of auto-insurance companies on it.
9) Again, some of these worked some of these didn’t, and those that did saw really good ROI. Offer eventually started to scrub so a rotator is needed. Quality won’t be that great so this isn’t a long term campaign.

However this tactic can be applied to almost any niche, all you need is to be creative and able to sit back and blow some money to collect some data.

User Comment:
Awesome stuff, and I’ve done this technique exactly for 2 campaigns in the past. I did this for IQ quizzes, and spent $10k roughly to get the converting URLs, ditched the non profiting URLs, made landers for 1 batch of the URLs, direct linked the rest, and ended up seeing profit by month 2. I had to keep ditching URLs though and in time the campaign turned pretty bad, but for 2 months it was doing well.

This approach def works better for some niches, but you have to test to see which it works good for. It’s also a lot of work, especially if you gotta make 100+ landing pages.

User Comment:
Good stuff blu.

Step 7 can be awesome in PPV, plus it makes it easy to have a general design and color scheme to mimic. I freaking hate making landing pages.

User Comment:
Yeah landing pages suck. Use the WYSIWYG editor.. makes it simpler. These days I just have my designer do it and I don’t really mess with the low volume campaigns anymore.

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