My Two New Favorite TV Shows.


It’s like Planet Earth but following humans instead of animals.

Absolutely amazing, so relaxing to watch at the end of a hard days AM work.

Second up…Facejacker

It’s like the new Ali G. This guy does 6 different characters on the same show…brilliant!

User Comment:
Nice find on Human Planet. Just queued them up in Netflix. My kids will love them.

User Comment:
Archer FTW… show on TV…..

User Comment:
I started watching Facejacker.. that guy is awesome. Wasted some time on Fonejacker youtube vids too

User Comment:
i love human planet…i just watched two episodes of it..really relaxing

User Comment:
+40 on Human Planet!!

User Comment:
Tewwy tibbs!!

The Article Published IN 07-17-2011 11:57 PM

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