Need guidance for a specific circumstance


I had read many posts to get started, but I have specific circumstance with specific goal that doesn’t seem to be discussed yet. I am sorry if I actually missed similar post somewhere.

I’ve just been made redundant. As I got some redundancy package, i think this is my golden opportunity to be free from job. I’ll have enough funds to support my living for a few months without work, and I’ve set aside some capital. My goal is in a month time I can generate $150 per day, so I’ll free from job forever. My first step is to join this forum And I can use $1000 to start, or a bit more if it helps. Can you please give me pointers to reach my goal?

After spending the whole day reading this forum, my plan is:
1. Start with one traffic source, I choose to start with FB as it seems to be recommended for newbie like me.
2. Select games offer, as from what I gather here it seems to be good offer for FB.
3. Start with direct linking, which is the quickest way for me to get started.

Is my plan workable? Can you please advice, I also still working on the next plan to do?

Thank you very much for your help.

The Article Published IN 06-24-2011 02:37 PM

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