Need Help On How To Optimize a Facebook Campaign!

I got a hot converting offer from a network and they wanted me to run some traffic,

Targeting: 16-30 males using broad category social games/online
Country Austria
offer payout: 3.25

Ads tested: 10 images and 1 adcopy
Campaign Stats:769k impressions, 708 clicks, .096 CTR
Offer stats: 708 clicks, 26 leads 3% CVR with a 9 cent epc

Werden Sie ber Level 1?
Ich wette, Sie knnen es nicht. 11 Millionen Spieler. Schtig machendes Browser-Spiel. Kostenlos Spielen!

Top ad ctrs:…1_94986899.jpg
0.098 based out of 200 clicks…1_f934de10.jpg
0.096 out of 310 clicks

Both of them had a 3% conversion rate, so I am curious to as what to do next to bring my CPC to around my EPC or possibly lower. Any suggestions?

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Your title/body text need some work done. PM me your english version so I can get you a better german translation

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If ppvnewbie says your title/body need work, then definitely let him help you with that.

Aside from that, your clicks are probably too high because your CTR is low. So you need to test new images. Can you post other images you’ve used and i’ll try to get you some images that will yield a > CTR!
Whats your CPC for those 2 ads, also whats your current ROI?

The offer looks awesome

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I would also target by games like: doom 3, left4dead and other zombie/werwolf related games. ALso have a look at to get some demos. I am running a campaign to german 13-17 with cpc’s of 0.8 right now. They click like bunnies

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Those are the images I have tested in and I am using the broad category option for targeting.

I didn’t do individual keywords cause I can’t find that many with a lot of users in other countries then USA

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Germany: 13-17
Interests: first person shooters, doom, doom 3, halflife 2, wolfenstein, wolfenstein enemy territory, wolfenstein 3d, return castle wolfenstein, halflife, halflife two, quake 3, quake 3 arena, counterstrike, counterstrike source, unreal tournament, unreal tournament 3, unreal tournament 2004, battlefield 2, battlefield two, battlefield 1942, call duty, call duty 4, assassins creed,call duty united offensive
Estimated Reach: 137k

Maybe this works in a smaller targeted group like this?

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That same demographic is just under 8k for austria lol

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Ah forget you’re targetting austria sorry :/

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The germany ads didnt do to well, anyone going to chime in?

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The German adcopy is wrong and sounds really wierd.
Lemme fix it for ya:

Schafst du es bis Level 1?
Niemals! ber 11.000.000 Millionen Gegner. Das #1 Browser-Game. Kostenlos!

Traust du dich?
Bestimmt nicht. ber 11.000.000 Millionen Gegner. Das #1 Browser-Game. Kostenlos!

Ab 18+!
Nichts fr Kinder. 11.000.000 Gegner warten auf dich.

Last Adcopy is my fav btw. 😛

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You just need to up your image game, scare these people, show them something exciting, here’s a base, but research a lot more, type in: bloody animals etc…
For some of these images yo’ull need to edit them, and zoom in on faces, etc..
DON’T just add these images as is, your CTR will be shit

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now we are talking.

I wanna go into gaming but i am stuck with angles, the only ones i can come up with is targeting other games. but that is what everyone does. I just need a little kickstart like you gave me with the groupon guide you wrote, Just that AHA moment… Maybe it’s a silly question, but can you give us some examples of angles, or angles you have used in the past!?

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Originally Posted by marcovandaar

I wanna go into gaming but i am stuck with angles, the only ones i can come up with is targeting other games. but that is what everyone does. I just need a little kickstart like you gave me with the groupon guide you wrote, Just that AHA moment… Maybe it’s a silly question, but can you give us some examples of angles, or angles you have used in the past!?

That’s kind of what I’m having trouble with right now is coming up with angles that will work. Taking a game and being able to basically relate it to anything other than similar games. Would you do something like target star wars and have an adcopy like "crazed star wars fans are flocking to this game"? Or would it need to be something more indepth and have a landing page?

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you don’t really need an angle always but you also can’t just put up some in-game screenshots targeting males 15-30 and make money either.
You need to do something creative.. one idea i used way back was "This game was banned for 4 years!", another one was when i was running a skateboard game and my title was ‘Sheckler Has The #1 Score’. — Sheckler known as Ryan Sheckler is a top skater in skateboarding, he’s really young and at the time was widely hated by a long of the skate community.

@jleone i think the angle you mentioned is fine, you just need to compliment it with the right images. Such as a character from star wars screaming, or just really crazy star warms images. The angle idea you mentioned lets people know its a ‘new game’ so they wont be surprised when they land on the landing page, your only other goal after that is getting clicks as cheap as possible. Ryan Eagle told me what i said a few posts above "IQ/games are all about getting as many clicks as you can from males for as cheap as possible", and if you can let them know there going to a ‘gaming offer’ then your 1 step ahead.

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Hmm, well I found out I was just using the wrong types of images. Tried out a few today and have one at about .2% ctr, it ate all of the impressions so the others haven’t got a chance yet but my bids are starting to get very low. One thing though was out of 96 clicks it only got 1 conversion, is that normal?

My adcopy:
Is This Star Wars 2.0?
That’s why Last Chaos is home to 1000s of crazed Star Wars lovers.

Basically the copy was related to the image but maybe I should reword it a little better. Instead of talking about the image talk more about the offer?

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Its about cheap clicks and preparing them for the offer, you have to relate everything somehow and I think Last Chaos just converts low imo

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those images like would using images like that offset the quality of your traffic for the campaign?

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@jleone it could be the images, but i think the bigger factor is prob you headline, since your not advertising a star wars game right?, and maybe just the offer itself.

sometimes these ‘crazy ctr’ images can lower your conversion rate.

When comparing ROI:
I’ve mostly found that the cheaper clicks from ‘crazy/weird’ images will bring me in a higher ROI
quality images that have a much higher CPC and conversion rate.
*You have to get your clicks down to a certain price though to make the ‘crazy/weird’ images more profitable than the quality images.

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^^ plus the penny clicks makes you feel so much better

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lol that too!

Really though it’s a staple in aff marketing.. If you targeting things like games, IQ quizzes etc, and your not looking for repeat business then 8/10 times the cheaper clicks and lower CR will get you a higher ROI than pricy clicks and higher CR!

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