Need help on joining Trafficvance!

Guys, I am trying join Trafficvance. Here what they say in their email:

"We are requiring that all marketers be endorsed by an active Trafficvance advertiser. Please have a current advertiser with a minimum of $50/day spend send me their endorsement.

Once this is received, we can move forward with the approval process."

Can anyone help me out with this process?


User Comment:
You will have difficulty getting a positive response to this on a forum. To give a reference is taking a risk, as that person is almost acting as guarantor as to your behavior should you be accapted. No disrespect to you, as you are, I’m sure, a sterling guy, but how are we to know that?

I’d suggest building up a good trading reputation with a respected affiliate network and then speaking to your AM there to see if they can help you.

Besides, the players don’t want too many members on TV as it pushes up the bid prices

User Comment:
thanks for your advice ppchound will see what I can do …

The Article Published IN 08-25-2011 12:02 PM

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