Need help to get started.

Hello everybody.
My name is Arthur . I need your help to get something going so I can have more time for this.Please Ms.Green and all guru affiliates give me same good staff,teach me how to make $5.000 to $30.000 a mounth.I do not have a lot of many to loose x,xxxx
Who can help me to get starting to make $150+ a day. If you can tell me what will be easy to start.I know google adwords better than any traffic channel but I do not know how can I promote affiliate offers after they close my account.

1.offers direct linking if possible. I do not what to make landing pages for now because I know it will take more time and money for me to get profitable.But if you have same proven landing page let me know.
2.traffic channels
3.CPA networks
4.what kind of ads
5.Budget $$ (how much I need to have to get something profitable)
6.What kind of spy tools I need to use

Thank you.

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First thing first, use the search button in the forum, alot of people are in the same shoe as you, all you need to set a side some fund and roll that into bigger with some weeklies payment…if you have the desire, I can’t see why you can’t succeed

Mindset is very important in achieving anything significant.

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And whatever you do, just stick to it.

Dont let "information overload" take control. Pick one niche (like dating) and one traffic source (like ppv) and just do it.

Good luck.

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Start reading the threads in the forum everything you need to know is here and if for the slightest chance you cannot find what your looking for don’t hesitate to ask, you are here to learn. I suggest you set yourself a date (a week tops) as to when to actually start building campaigns because a lot of new aff’s get stuck in ‘reading’ mode and never actually take action, which is when you learn the most.

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To be very honest, there is non of "what is much easier" kinda method to start with. It really all depends on your personal preference and find out what stick.

Some people will never make it in PPV but they kill it on Facebook, etc.

Like me, I’m still trying hard to crack PoF but some people can just crank out some profitable campaigns after a week!

After all, as what other said, read as much as you can as you will really find lots of information here. Then pick up one that you feel most comfortable with and stick with it until you gain some experience. The 1st thing now is to pull your credit card and TEST TEST TEST !! You will eventually get where you want for sure, just do it the K.I.S.S way at start. Don’t go beyond what you’re capable too fast.

Just my 0.02 cents.

Good luck!

The Article Published IN 08-15-2011 07:02 AM

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