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I am trying to build a tool that scrapes multiple websites that I input and grabs all the URLs off the page and so far I am only finding ones that do it one page at a time, wondering if anyone knows how to make one and how easy it is to do?

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Something like this?

I know it says finds broken links but after you have scraped them you can export it to excel and then you have all the outbound/internal links from the pages you specify.

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Haha rich, thats exactly what I needed, thanks! How did you come accross it?

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Well now I have a different problem, I have all these links and I wanna echo them on my PPV lander and I do not know the code for it, how would you go about doing it?
For example Welcome Users!

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I can’t remember to be honest, I think my old work used it to check their website for broken links.

In regards to your 2nd question you would do this (it does depend how you are doing it, this example would be if you used p202 but can easily be changed):

You have your keyword(domain) passed through as the keyword no doubt, at the very top of your html put this:

HTML Code:
$keyword =  $_GET['t202kw']; // get the target from the t202kw variable

Then where you want it to display put this:

HTML Code:
<?php echo $keyword; ?>

Hope this helps, if your not using prosper or have any issues just post back and either I or someone else can help

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