Need Help With A Script!

Just curious as to how everyone does this:

your url is lets say: kids only
and then you have that replace the text on the LP by saying Special Offer For cool kids only.

The Special Offer For is completely static, how does one do this?

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Im just about to rush off so can give you a fuller response later.

Your server has to run something referred to as php, and your landing page file name needs to end in .php or similar.

then in the file you can include the following in your html within the body tag

<?php echo $keyword ?>

to print the keyword

cpvlab actually has a piece of code you can copy & paste at the bottom of the campaign edit screen.

let me know whether you need anything else

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You have to define $keyword first, which would be: $keyword = $_GET[‘keyword’]

Then you can echo $keyword wherever you want.

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your right botic – had a blond moment there
jroes57 – it should read

<?php echo $_GET[‘keyword’] ?>

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