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Hey yesterday I uploaded a facebook campaign targeting us users with around 120k reach and one of the ads is getting a .186% ctr and it got 41 clicks and the estimated cpc is at 0.56 now and it was initially 1.03 around what is the lowest cpc you think I could see with this ad and around how many clicks will it take to get to it. And one last thing im direct linking the offer and out of the 41 clicks I only got 1 conversion, would a landing page effect it much to be able to make it profitable?

im new to facebook ads so any help would be appreciated, thanks

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It will be tough to get profitable at $0.56 per click, for the US $0.15-0.20 per click is achievable but you will need to get a really nice CTR like 0.2%+. A lot of other things factor into your CPC as well, including your approved:disapproved ads ratio and your overall account history. Some may say different, but I’ve seen different CPC’s across the same demos with the same ads on different accounts. You will probably have a better idea of your CPC after 100 clicks, a CTR of 0.186% is okay but it can definitely be better especially on such a tight demo.

Landing pages are almost always worth a test but it really depends on your ads, the offer, and the angle you’re taking. The purpose of a landing page is to connect the dots for the user, you want to make the transition between your ad and the offer as seamless as possible.

Ex) If your ad says "Would You Date a Fireman?", you will want to test an LP with a bunch of firemen on there and mention that all these firemen are waiting to date at your offer site.

Hope that helps, good luck.

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thanks for the info 403 ill try a few more ads and see if I can get a better ctr

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