Need Help/Guidance On Tracking202

I’m new here. I’m going to do an offer in PoF with LP and I want to use to do the tracking stuffs. But I have questions that need pros like you to help me.

Question 1
In step 3, it’s about adding a campaign. Do I need to add a subid right after my affiliate link (EWA)? For example: =doineedtoaddsubidhere
If I do not add the subid, how can I know whether which campaign/creatives in PoF is converting?

Question 2
If I’m going to test a few campaigns with the same LP, how am I going to track each and every campaign? Which do I need to use? The "Simple Landing Page"or "Advanced Landing Page" option?

Question 3
Let’s say my LP is and this is tracking link I’ve generated:
I have 5 creatives in a single campaign, therefore I need to enter 5 different tracking link into the "Click-thru URL", am I correct? So what should I enter into "Click-thru URL"? Is this the correct format?


Question 4
Do I need to add a bracket in order to track keywords? For example:{ad1}

I’m completely no0b in this and I hope there’s someone here that can help me. Thanks in advance!

User Comment:
To answer your questions :

1 – Yes, you have to add [[subid]] at the end , so your link looks like…ID=000000&SID=[[subid]]

2 – You need a simple landing page , and grab links for each traffic source ( Setup >> Get Links )

3- Yes correct , ad t202kw=ad1 , t202kw=ad2 etc so you can track different ads

4 – No , ad1 ad2 etc will do just fine

Also , if you need more help using P202 the videos on their site are pretty self explanatory.

The Article Published IN 07-23-2011 06:21 PM

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