Need some help with Tracking

So Im using the affiliateplex cloaking script so my fb link looks like this:


which sends fb reviews to a compliant website and fb visitors to the cpa offer page.

My question is since im not using the tracking url:


how do I know which ad is converting for me since im not directly using the prosper tracking url when submitting my ads to fb??? I want to be able to assign each ad with sex,age range, and image number so i can track which ads are converting and which ones aren’t.

right now my fbcloaking-config.php looks like this:

<?php global $params;

$offers = array(
‘compliantwebsitedotcom’ => "http//www.mydomainppctrackingdotcom/tracking202/redirect/dl.php?t202id=9122&c1=t2&c2=d2&t202kw=
" . $_GET[‘ad’],


$cloaked = array(
‘compliantwebsitedotcom’ => ‘http//www.compliantwebsitedotcom/’,);?>

You guys understand what I’m trying to ask for?

Thanks to anyone that can help me out with this. I know this is common sense to a lot of you guys but im new to the world of tracking.

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my ads are running right now.. just launched them at 8:30 us central time and I have no idea which ad is the one that converted for me.

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You just need to pass it in a variable on the link you give to FB then insert it into the 202 link which in that code looks to be "ad" so i would add that like this….


I am not a PHP guru so it may need to be corrected but thats what i would try…

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Im still messing around and don’t completly understand what you’re saying

What exactly do I give to fb and what exactly does my fbcloaking-config.php suppose to look like?

if i give facebook http//www.mydomaintrackingdotcom/redirect.php?oid=compliantwebsitedotcom&ad=m-18-54-img23 it becomes a broken link

it says: Warning: Header may not contain more than a single header, new line detected. in /home/username/public_html/ on line 41

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am i replacing the ‘ad’ for the url i give fb too?

so this $_GET[‘ad’] would look like this $_GET[‘http//www.mydomaintrackingdotcom/redirect.php?oid=compliantwebsitedotcom&ad=m-18-54-img23’] ??? yes no??

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okay I really need some help with this. I paused my campaigns because I don’t want to do this blind folded and not knowing which ads are converting, it would be a waste of money if I’m not tracking correctly. I’m getting no support from the owner

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ok let me do a bit of a reality ck…..

first off I would highly suggest you read more about passing of variables….its a key topic to learn if you want to do things like cloaking and the like…..

not to be a dick….but if you don’t understand this stuff is this really worth risking your account over?…..there is plenty of money to be made without cloaking…..

that said this has been explained in another thread rather well…..

but i can not make this any easier for you….you HAVE to learn about php if you want to do stuff like this… least the most basic of stuff….like passing of variables, GET and stuff like that.

anyways round 2

your config file

[PHP]$offers = array(
‘offer-id1’ => ";t202kw=" . $_GET[‘ad’],


$cloaked = array(
‘offer-id1’ => ‘’,


then the link you give to FB is


hope that helps

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It seems like I am doing it right but it’s not working on one of my domain for some reason. I’ve tested this with another domain and the variables pass through perfectly fine so I will contact my host provider to see what the problem is.


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