Need some Paypal/Flippa advice

I sold a site on flippa today to learn/fund some ppv campaigns, I wanted the transaction to be done through escrow but the guy went ahead and paid through paypal before he contacted me, which caused my account to become limited.

I sent in the papers they asked for today but it will probably take some time to get them to lift the limitation so I can move the money out of there.

Now, how the hell should I proceed? From what I hear paypal really sucks when it comes to digital goods seller protection so if I push the site to the guy could he just take it and get a paypal refund? (The site and auction is 100% legit and as described btw)

Should I issue a refund and get ask him to it done through escrow? (Can I even refund while limited?)
Should I ask him to wait until PP gets around to removing the limitation? If that happens within a reasonable time anyway. (Anyone knows how long that takes?)
Should I send the stuff over right away because its safe in the PP account and they wont refund it for no good reason?

halp plz!

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Be careful, I think there is a dirty reason why he didn’t follow the payment process through escrow.

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Dont give him the site through Paypal. Paypal are mother fuckers.

If you cant refund him, ask him to file a dispute or ask for a refund. When the dispute is initiated agree to refund him on the dispute.

Then tell him to pay through escrow.


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Whats the amount we are looking at ?

Burn the site files and database on to a CD and ship it to his address. Use some reputed courier service which has online tracking system in place.

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Its mid x,xxx. What would burning the files help? It’s the push of the domain thats the point of no return.

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If he disputes or charge backs, then you would have proof that you physically shipped and delivered the product and in 99% of cases you would win.

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No, he will claim he bought a WEBSITE, which under Paypals terms is considered a digital item and doesnt need shipping. With digital items they cant verify ownership so he automatically wins. Trust me I know how paypal works I used to scam people there in my early days

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ya fuck paypal, they screwed me hard for about 20k in my ebay days.

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