Need Super Affiliate Power – Goal to hit $70 /

Need Super Affiliate Power – Goal to hit $70 / day.

Greetings yall! A dude from South Cali. trying to make it in IM. I started with PPC last month but too costly so I switched to PPV after joining this forum! WHAT AN AWESOME DECISION I HAVE MADE!!!!!

Since August 1st, I have been going at this about 16-18 hours per day. I did lots of reading and learning and applying but I definitely need to do more of the applying part. This forum just ROCKS – do you agree with me?! The stuff in here are Golden and watching many of you share your information MOTIVATES ME – it has helped me Tremendously – although I still need more help So what the heck I’ll share all I did so far here and wait for a beating.

Traffic Source: TrafficVance
Offers from

My offers are iPhone 5 email submits – currently have 4 offers
This is a dilemma – all offers had conversions and pretty close.

Day [8]


Offer 1: 4 / 0 /0.00%
Offer 2: 6 / 1 / 16.67%
Offer 3: 5 / 0 / 0%
Offer 4: 5 / 1 / 20%

Hmm…Should I pause any of them now?



LP1: 554/19/2/3.43%
LP2: 230/1/0/0.43% ( I just paused this one earlier today )

Tomorrow I will be adding Audio (I think Traffic Vance Allows this). Do most of you add stuff any time during the day you see fit or I mean… How do you guys know when to edit your LP’s – Is it end of each day? How much data is needed until doing so?

Cost: $8.07
Revenue: $3.90
Balance: -$4.17

I still have the rest of the day.

I made lots of mistakes last few days – lots of swapping LP’s (creating new ones, made drastic changes, and changes to Offers as well and did something real dumb… I targeting root URL’s that have a flood of traffic which depleted my daily budget – not once but twice (I finally paused it – well I saw a conversion so I kept it another day). 😛

Right now I feel like I don’t know what to do next. Do I create another LP? Do I work on another campaign? Do I just wait for this one to analyze more data. I’m getting a little frustrated because I think I have too much data if I look at it since 8/1. I made so many changes that I cannot read it.

I have worked on two other campaigns: 1) Verizon iPhone 4 offer 2) Walmart gift card DL. I have paused these because I learned I needed to target better but haven’t had the change to research these.

Tomorrow I plan to either pause my iphone campaign and work on new campaigns – at least 3 per day. I think I did the last two within 30 minutes. Pretty easy to setup but the research should take a while. And of course the landing pages will take a while but I have someone helping me with graphics.

Here’s the current CTR of 3.40% lander – I did what some of you suggested from a previous post I had in the PPV area or Newbie area I forget which…please let me know what you guys think and what else I can do to it. thanks

Gotta keep at this!!! Give me some of your Super Affiliate POWER guys!

If I make it to $70 / day by 8/31/2011 – I’m treating myself to a foot massage 😛 Anyone in South Cali want one? We can mastermind while we get rubbed.

User Comment:
your lander looks awesome..but i would definitively add some audio (allowed on tv) and i would make the "get a free iphone" more visible/bigger! and for your’s way to less traffic to already make any decisions..but keep lp2 paused and throw in a third one

User Comment:
try to test: make one unbelievable img just a little bit bigger… it can help with your CTR

User Comment:
Reduce quality of images, they look too crisp. You need shit that loads quickly. And make the background on the ribbon white so it pops out more. Increase the font size as well.

User Comment:
Thanks Guys, I couldn’t wait so I already put the Audio up on LP3 – Also I adjusted the image made it a little bigger and shitter (went from 5 sec load to 2 sec load time each – I know I still need to optimize them), switched around the headlines.

Right now too early to tell – got 53 impressions but no CT’s yet.

So far CTR on the LP1 has dropped since earlier today when I posted the stats – 2.72% not good…but today I got the most Conversions to date.

Final Stats for Day 8 (I will post around this time each day):

Cost: $17.82
Revenue: $5.30
Balance: -$12.52
ROI: -70.26%

The red hurts…

I’m thinking maybe I am spending too much and should pause targets. I now have about 100 targets. I just paused the targets with 0 CT’s.

Anyhow here’s the LP3 with audio. Hope I don’t scare them away – a women’s voice "Congratulations, You are today’s winner, please claim your prize in the next two minutes by entering your email address on the next page." Got that from bbrock32 hope that is coo. I think I need a more custom one for this – probably have to utilize Fiverr

User Comment:
I need to get help on how to make ribbon white. Probably have it done by tomorrow but switching the headlines helped I think – easier read.

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Hey Danny, good stuff. Another lander you can give a try if you want On your current one it’s not celar WHAT the user has to do as there is a CTA missing. I added one below each image which should increase your CTR.

User Comment:
That looks kick ass! I’ll give this a run today.

User Comment:
I would make sure "Get a FREE iPhone 5" is more prominent.

So maybe the lander goes like;

Which iPhone 5 Design Do You Like Best?
Vote & Get a Free iPhone 5
(offer only applies to California residents)

You don’t need "limited time" since you have the timer anyway.

I would also try "vote now" buttons.

User Comment:
I think your landing page is pretty sweet, it could be optimized.. but i think more importantly you need to spend a bit more $ first.

This will help you narrow down your converting targets a bit better, from there you can optimize your landing page.

User Comment:
Thanks Mr. Green – I’ll give that a shot. My CTR is up today.

Thanks Stackman – I collected a lot of data the last 7 days however I have been adding and removing targets. I’m now finally targeting a specific group so thus the raise from 2.5% CTR to 4% today. Doubled my conversions today but still a lost which is coo as long as I’m progressing

Day [9]

So today I woke up 6:30 am to check the stock market. Then I decided to run a new campaign because of all the news about our tanking economy. So ended up creating a new lander using latest news. Also I tried out DL (very surprising).

1st – Lander with Audio – Got 0 conversions also the CTs was lower than the original. Very low CTR. Paused
2nd – Tried using the latest news on a new Lander – Got some good Clicks but only 1 conversion. Very low CTR as well. Paused
3rd – Added Blue Ribbon Lander to test against the Original. CTR is Even with the Original but 0 conversion. Keeping this one – prob need minor tweak.
4th – Tried to Direct Link the Offer that is currently kicking ass out of others I have tested. It actually did better than the rest got my more conversions but unfortunately I can’t test the CTR since no lander. Used same keywords and URL’s. (Don’t worry I didnot up any bids so Didn’t bid against myself but pretty much traffic was split maybe on some lower traffic sites?)

All in all – I did better today with all of your help! Thanks Guys! Including my bro iwanturcoin’s thread – very inspiring. I’m trying my best to learn faster here.

Final Stats for Day 9

Clicks/ CTs / Conversion / CTR
Best Lander: 293/ 12/ 2/ 4.10%
2nd Lander: 306/ 12/0/ 3.92%

Cost: $34.08 (I ran more campaigns today – learned a lot so spent more today as well)
Revenue: $11.20 (highest number I have made in a day so far)
Balance: -$22.88
ROI: -67.14%

Still red but it’s goin down!
If I had not tried the News Lander (I need to come up with something better) and the audio variation – it may have been very good

Can’t wait for tomorrow!

It’s 8:30pm here in the US west coast – I still gots 4-6 hours to do some more keyword research and creative thinking for different landers. IS this what you guys do each day? Remove losers and add new keywords daily to the list?

Also I am diving in for the Dating Niche tomorrow – Will check out some offers at NeverBlue – I heard from my AM it’s doing very well.

– danny

User Comment:
Stackman, I set my daily budget to $35 but it only reached about $12 for my campaign with LP’s. I’ll look for more keywords and URL’s.

Let me get this straight… so once I collect enough data by spending some more $, next step is to choose the single target that is getting the best CTR and conversion and target it and expand it?

What if all they targets get an even amount of conversions like right now they are all 1 conversion for each of the 10 targets that do well. What to do? Just keep running more traffic until I get even more numbers? I have so far spent about $250 the last 9 days – gotten so many impressions but few CT’s in the beginning. However, there are two sites that gets mass traffic and I got 5 conversion for each but theses also drained my budget.

Let say I want to increase my daily budget to $150. How should I carefully pick my current targets? Should I gather 500 + targets or more?


User Comment:
Hey danny, could you share your countdown script code on here? ive never tried putting one on my Landing pages before.

User Comment:

Originally Posted by w4rl0rdx

Hey danny, could you share your countdown script code on here? ive never tried putting one on my Landing pages before.

Sure here it is bud, paste between the body tags:

<form name="counter" style="margin: 0px; margin-top:; text-align: center;">

<input type="text" name="d2" style="float:left; border: 0px; background-color: yellow; font-size: 26px; color: #b70000; font-weight: bold; width:90px; padding:2px 4px 2px 0; margin:1px 16px 0 16px; text-align:center;" />


<script language="javascript">
// timer

var milisec=0
var seconds=120
function display(){
if (milisec<=0){
seconds-=1 }
if (seconds<=-1){
seconds+=1 }

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Day [10]

20 more days…

So today is a bad day. I don’t know what I did. I thought I targeted better by pausing bad targets. I thought my LP’s were going to kick ass but everything just declined today.

My Campaign with the LP’s:

New LP with voice + buttons and different Ad copy:
CTR: 3.5% 1 conversion

Offer LP rip did okay:
CTR: 3.54% 2 conversions

Original LP now doing bad:
CTR: 1.38% 1 conversion

Campaign with Direct Linking:
875 clicks – 0 conversions

Cost: $44.89
Revenue: $5.60
Profit: -$39.29
ROI: -87.53%

So today I worked on a new offer and I really research the keywords / URL more than I have before. It is still waiting for TV to approve my lander which is a Offer rip to quickly test these targets.

I looked at different Auto Insurance offers at 3 different networks getting it ready for tomorrow. Also got suggestions from AM on dating offers as well.

Will probably build a Lander tonight before I go to bed and setup the tracking etc.

User Comment:
Generally you want to run a bunch of URLs (the amount of URLs will depend on your budget). Then you slowly remove URLs that don’t profit and keep URLs that do profit. Take the URLs that profit a lot and try to find more URLs related to those ones.

Eventually you should have lost some money from testing, but have narrowed down your URLs to only ones that have positive ROI and thus seeing a profit.

It’s usually more complicated than that, and you’ll run into many different things to question, but thats the general idea.

User Comment:

Originally Posted by danny27

I looked at different Auto Insurance offers at 3 different networks getting it ready for tomorrow. Also got suggestions from AM on dating offers as well.

Awesome work dude…you’ll def get some good results by the end of the month. FWIW I tried auto insurance to start with when i started my 30days a few weeks back and couldnt much to happen and I tried a fair few offers/angles. After speaking to my AM’s at EWA and Wolfstorm they said that as a vertical auto insurance was’nt performing very well overall and there were’nt really any great offers around……just a thought for you. As soon as I started with dating and testing some recommended offers i’ve seen some good results. Good Luck!

User Comment:

Originally Posted by iwanturcoin

Awesome work dude…you’ll def get some good results by the end of the month. FWIW I tried auto insurance to start with when i started my 30days a few weeks back and couldnt much to happen and I tried a fair few offers/angles. After speaking to my AM’s at EWA and Wolfstorm they said that as a vertical auto insurance was’nt performing very well overall and there were’nt really any great offers around……just a thought for you. As soon as I started with dating and testing some recommended offers i’ve seen some good results. Good Luck!

Thanks man! I’ll go for dating offers first and see if I can get a win. This iPhone offer is looking worst and worst.

Trying to put together the coreg at the moment as well…

I’m also going to try DL with some of these – I spoke with my AM and he said he’ll have them put together a 750×500 (roughly) landing page for my offers. Pretty cool. Didn’t know they would do that.

User Comment:
Hmm… both my current landers are about 1700 ms – is this okay for speed? Wondering if it’s the speed that is killing me…

User Comment:

Originally Posted by stackman

Generally you want to run a bunch of URLs (the amount of URLs will depend on your budget). Then you slowly remove URLs that don’t profit and keep URLs that do profit. Take the URLs that profit a lot and try to find more URLs related to those ones.

Eventually you should have lost some money from testing, but have narrowed down your URLs to only ones that have positive ROI and thus seeing a profit.

It’s usually more complicated than that, and you’ll run into many different things to question, but thats the general idea.

Thanks. So how much would I spend per URL? I read somewhere few weeks ago to use 3-4 times the payout amount per target? Or is it 3-4 payout as a whole for testing? If so, how many targets would be sufficient?

My budget is $35 per day.


User Comment:
Day [11]

Update! Best day so far!

Early morning campaign – all LP’s were under 3%.

Then it hit me, I changed my Landers with a new idea + I paused the bad keywords that weren’t working.

This was around near evening 6pm just 4 hours ago – made the changes uploaded about 3 new landers.

Every single Lander hit 10-12% CTR =) Conversions went up and today was my biggest day – about 100% increase in revenue.

Cost: $34.79
Revenue: $10.50
Profit: -$24.29
ROI: -69.82%

Still a lost but if I had these Landers in the morning to evening I may have made positive ROI.

Excited for tomorrow!!!!!!! I still need to work on coreg tonight. I signed up and got a call from Silver Path and I’m set just need to fill out an IO. I was reading the documents from them (contract) and could help to think so basically if someone gets sued – it’s going to be me because I own the Lander. Anyhow, I need to read the rest and get it signed and scanned to them tomorrow. For sure this is the next big thing it seems from how great others are doin!


User Comment:
Day [12]

Today I felt a bit lost again. Looks like I am improving this campaign but I don’t know if I should keep at it. I feel like I am spending way too much time on this one. I didn’t get to my Dating offer nor did I get my Coreg with Silver Path taken care of. I need to seriously stick to my daily goals and stop somehow channeling all my focus by watching the stats all day long and making minor tweaks?

I am getting close to the Green (i feel it) but my two main targets bids are too high now as each day goes. Started with 0.025, now it’s 0.03+ to get #1. I don’t know if tomorrow I will be able to make a profit. All other targets never made a single conversion although CTR is good. There is only 1 other target that made conversions but low traffic. So these 2 URL targets for the last 3 days (probably at least over 10,000 impressions) are the only winners. Can’t think of anymore new Targets unless I totally change my lander.

Overall a good test day. Spent the most today and made the most today. Doubled my Revenue again but also lost more than ever lol I’m -$50 today.

My best new Lander surprisingly did 11.62% with 10.71% SU. Pretty good for just a button text change.


Did bad on Conversion for the rest of the Landers.

I need to install Prosper202 – tracking the $ is a pain atm and typing out the stats here take me a while. Need to screen shot stuff and upload here

Any suggestions appreciated. Need some new ideas… and need to work faster. I really need to time manage my day better. Lack of sleep really gets me in the morning. Maybe I need to drink coffee again or some strong tea.

User Comment:
I’m hearin ya with the feelin lost thing, i got that a bit a few weeks ago every now then but seems to have gone now. What helped me lot was making a well defined task list before i went to bed so I know exactly what I have/want to get done the next day and just cross it off as you go. I f I did’nt have a plan for the day i found i’d be unproductive and just fumble around which just makes you feel worse. Even if things aren’t going great you feel a lot better if you complete what you set out to do for the day.

Definitely get onto prosper202 helps a lot, although if you can afford it prob just get familiar with CPVLab….i plan on buying it when i get $2k in the black, bit of incentive thing

User Comment:
^^ Thanks mate!

Day [13]

My landers are just getting better and better – today I hit 14% CTR from yesterday’s 11%. I just made changes and mod a few more for tomorrow – I hope to hit at 20% CTR because my conversions are very low (3% averaged – my best was a little over 10%) after the massive data I collected today. I pretty much up’ed the daily limit again! $100. (I’ll calm down tomorrow). Reason for it is because I found 3 targets doing very well with CTR + Conversion in the morning. Seems always in the morning conversions and CTR does best. Then later during the day it just shoots down – wasn’t hawking it during the day because had some errands.

Anyhow, I tweaked my landers to aim for better conversion. Fingers Crossed hope it ups a bit tomorrow. I’m getting so close to positive ROI. GREEN HERE I COME!

As for my Dating campaign – I just created it now! Yay! Feels good. Finally check off my list.
I will have to un-pause my auto insurance offer and work the lander.

Tomorrow is a new day for improved productivity. As I promised myself – 3-5 campaigns each day till Day [30]. Gotta work harder here too like the rest of y’all! We need to fill many pages of campaigns on TV or whichever traffic source you use.

My Coreg path papers all ready to go for SilverPath Monday. By then I hope to hit higher conversions so I could integrate the path and make good CR to make up for my loses so far and get this one on autopilot.

Back to work!

User Comment:
I learned that it’s not really worth promoting submits on PPV unless you capture leads first and direct them to the offer. Advertisers scrub hard on submits.
Try promoting more solid offers like dating and credit reports.

User Comment:
@ d3so

Yeah work’in on my first Dating offer. I like the payout on these

User Comment:
Got my first Traffic Vance rejection. "Offer Considered "Adult" and is in violation
of Trafficvance Terms & Conditions."

What other traffic sources are more lenient on this?

User Comment:
Day [14]

Majority of the day was rest day – spent time with the gf and family.

When I woke up, checked my stats – my Auto Insurance campaign in TV did not run – required approval – I set that up last night so maybe they just didn’t get to it. Usually they are really quick. It didn’t get approved until in the evening I believe. Anyhow $10 spent 0 conversions. CTR 1.36 . Will improve it!

Full day tomorrow – Will try out other offers!

Currently reading up on basics again – looking into VPS hosting. Could my low numbers be because I was using shared?

I know Beyond Hosting is recommended here – which one do you guys think would suit a beginner?

StarterVPS512NVPS1024CAMVPS1024CLM ?

I also should get the Prosper202 VPS hosting since I need Prosper202.


User Comment:
Day [15]

Alright guys so today got my Beyond Hosting VPS set up and prosper202 installed all set already to go. BH team really got my stuff up and running fast! I signed up in the morning and was ready an hour later – but I just had to wait for my domain name to propagate.

They installed Prosper for me as well. Anyhow, tested out prosper202 – didn’t like it. It lacked lots of capabilities (I’m use to using Magic Bullet System 2.0 so yeah I’m spoiled). You can’t put the payout amount for each Offer if you want to rotate them!

Also, my pixels didn’t fire either. And I think you can create an MBS campaign a lot quicker than in Prosper – it’s just how everything is placed – UX aspects. Or maybe I’m just use to MBS. So wondering how’s CPVLab compared to MBS?

Split Testing Server Speeds
I did a split test on and YUP there is a different in speed of course! Also if you further analyze with the their analytical tool – the in-depth report really shows the difference. Very impressive.

I can’t wait for tomorrow – I’m split testing it on the same campaign. So it’s hostgator shared hosting vs. BH VPS.. haha not fair right there but I just want to see if any difference in CTR + CR at all. I just have a feeling CTR may be a little higher along with conversions.

I spent $350+ (learned a whole lot though) on my iPhone campaign only to made back about $110 so would like to further test and just know if speed was also a factor here. My lowest views per day on hostgator was about 500 and highest was 8000. So we’ll find out tomorrow night.

Currently I got 3 other campaigns set up ready to go tomorrow as well. All of them using the new VPS setup.

My SilverPath account is ready to go, I am signed up with DirectCPV, Neverblue as well so I’m all set. What else is there?

Awesome guys! I feel like I gots the right tools to kick some serious ass

Anyhow, going to read up and get more creative on landers, find more offers, and create more campaigns. I’m going to go crazy with campaigns this week to make up for last week!

Will update y’all tomorrow!

User Comment:
Day [16]

Looks like I am over the half way point. Getting the hang of optimizing campaigns, modifying landers, and narrowing down on targets. Still need better ideas and be more creative with adcopy. This forum is awesome! Got my hands on some great resources (free landers) to work with. So I’ll be utilizing these and try to kick some more ass in the CTR area. The higher CTR, the higher the Conversions. So far one of my campaigns gets pretty good CTR but low conversions – need to work on it.

Last few days was just catching up with basics: 1. new server (VPS 2. Checking out better tools 3. learning what the really successful folks here are doing with their landers 4. learning what COREG path is and getting signed up 5. getting acquainted with other PPV networks and CPA networks – so now I have two of each I am using on my campaigns.

Today I cleaned up my campaigns and got things organized, transferred the rest of files over to the VPS – created a few more landers for my current 5 campaigns. None of them are making $ yet but got some ideas that I will be testing out.

So our test with VPS vs shared hosting – not a big difference or at least not enough data yet. Ran it just for today – about 400 views each. VPS at 16.5%, shared hosting at 14% so there is a little different. Conversion once again low.

Other campaigns – 0 conversions – another one was pending approval all day from directcpv. CTR is low though – under 4% but that’s because my landers were plain – I was just testing if offers would convert. I did two with DL’s. Spruced up the landers just a little while ago and will further test tomorrow.

Will add a few more new campaigns tomorrow and we’ll see what we can find.

I must focus on creating the best damn lander this week! (Dating niche) Hope to have 20 campaigns by Friday.

I should have purchased CPVlab by Friday and have it all set up as well. Can’t wait to check it out!

User Comment:
Day [17]

Having some issues finalizing CoReg for one offer of mine. Looking good though but values aren’t passing right from my 2nd page. Addressing this tomorrow. I was about to convert my other campaign with high CTR too. Will have to wait until tomorrow to get this going. I’ll then have a template to work off of every campaign I run.

Working on advanced dynamic texts as well to easily target demographics with one design – also with variables to swap css / images for different offers.

We’ll see what happens! Getting exciting! Yet still haven’t made a dime – still -ROI

User Comment:
Day [18]

Exciting day…

Figuring out tracking for Coreg for MBS system is driving me nuts. I would try to figure it out on prosper but I don’t know it yet and I’m not ready to abandon MBS yet since I am use to their nice tracking of each keyword’s CTR.

Not sure about prosper – didn’t find good training videos on it yet. I’ll have to play with it some more. I am starting to like it a little more each day.

Today I ran Coreg campaign and the first thing I saw was a super damn low CTR 😛 About 1 hour later, I check Silver Path and BAM! Shizzle! WOW lol Surprised me with some goodies. hehe Then I checked Peerfly and BAM I see some revenue too Pretty good I would say but then some of my keywords was drying me up fast and I couldn’t tell which keyword it was because my tracking is all jacked up in MBS. I also had prosper tracking set up but got these weird keyword YYYYSDYLSDGYLGYLDYGSDYG (like that) but I fixed it thanks to a nice STM member. However, I don’t see CTR column in prosper. This frustrates me. Thinking about CPVlab even more :roll eyes:

Good day today overall – learned a shit load with my programmer/designer. Well he learned a lot too. So we will continue to address this tracking issue.

In the meantime, I have my 2nd Coreg campaign ready to run tomorrow. Seems it does well only in the mornings. I’m getting about .64 RPU. CTR is crap – I can’t tell which keywords are doing best so I don’t know what to eliminate yet but I’m close to breaking even side (was on positive ROI for the first time for a little while in the morning). So hopefully I will get this fixed tonight if not wait for my programmer tomorrow to fix.

Wish me luck!

User Comment:
Goodluck, im going to try my first ppv campaign myself here pretty soon!

User Comment:

Originally Posted by w4rl0rdx

Goodluck, im going to try my first ppv campaign myself here pretty soon!

Thanks! Awesome! Everyone here will give you good pointers. Gotta love this community

User Comment:
Day [19]

Finally got Prosper202 all set and ready, tracking CTR now works. Had spent a few days trying to get everything working properly especially tracking. Without the good tracking there is no way I will know which keywords suck and which are badass. So got this part covered. Co Reg – got this all ready to go as well but still final touches to be made on my new angle. I will just use my other campaign to figure out how to pass variables (my programmer just had a kid so I gotta get this to work myself somehow – I don’t think it’s too hard since I figured out the prosper202 tracking issue).

I have to say I have high confidence with this new angle. Very nichie, super targety and custom lander for it. Target URL’s are cheap and traffic is probably in the 70% I would say. We’ll find out tomorrow.

Was thinking though – will tomorrow (Saturday) be a bad day to run it in general for most niches? I just have heard in this forum sometimes Friday or weekends not as good as weekdays? Is this true? I’ll run in at low budget to test first.

So I’m about to get all the coding and all and set up my other campaign in prosper202. Been a heck of a day, very productive and feels great to figure this stuff out.

Well Looks like I got less and less to say but that shall change when I can screen capture some Prosper stats in the next few days.

Till tomorrow… afk


User Comment:
Couldn’t figure it out (passing variables through the redirect page to the data gathering page). Programmer just got my message and trying to figure it out. Hopefully I can still run my campaign today.

I feel like I have been wasting time the last few days focusing on COREG where I could be creating and testing new campaigns – hopefully I will see good results.

Also waiting on TV to approve my targets.

User Comment:
Day [20]

11 more full days to go. Got plenty of time to make it to my goal.

Today I did not figure out passing variables through the redirect page from prosper but I created another campaign in a very different way and is now waiting for approval from TV.

Yesterday’s campaign worked out pretty good. I’m -22% ROI RPU 0.54 on COREG. I hope tomorrow’s campaign will be a breakthrough.

Getting really a hang of prosper and installed a LP rotator.

Bouncing off of iwanturcoin’s latest post, I think I do need to DO A LOT MORE! Shit I think I have been reading more than doing still. Tons of ideas here but I tend to wait for my designer/programmer instead of doing it myself. Big problem here.

I may be next to the computer all day and night but I have like the worst productivity skills… that being said …here’s what I need to be doing and stop doing for the remaining 10 days:

Stop Reading 50% of the time instead of Doing
Stop going out with your buddies (for next 10 days)
Either Build, Optimize, or brain storm Ideas
Jolt shit down on paper
Use a Timer on myself – Work consistently for 2 hours non-stop, rest 10 minutes, repeat.

User Comment:
I need to screenshot this shit for my wallpaper.

User Comment:
Weekends technically will skew your conversion rates a bit, but shouldn’t stop you from testing. It won’t completely throw your campaign off at all

Keep posting, lets us know some coreg stats once your running!

You’ve got the right work ethic, shit WILL click.

User Comment:

Originally Posted by stackman

Weekends technically will skew your conversion rates a bit, but shouldn’t stop you from testing. It won’t completely throw your campaign off at all

Keep posting, lets us know some coreg stats once your running!

You’ve got the right work ethic, shit WILL click.

Thanks for the encouragement Stack! – I ran some more test – pretty bad results with the COREG. However, I was able to create 6 campaigns today squeezed it in all in just under 2 hours. I’m surprised. But I had to because today I needed to pick up a relative at the airport and had dinner out.

So This brings me to Day 21

I think I know what the problem is with the low CTR and low SUR as well as RPU. Based on the data, CTR is extremely low. But the main problem is I should have worked with my other campaign that was losing me $$ and was paused before but had average of 10-14% CTR. Anyhow, I will revive it and work it.

Stats from my COREG campaign from the last few days, here are my results (keep in mind I had the most hardest time understanding how to track in prosper and I let stuff run while data was incorrectly tracked (no CTR count) to test and ended up losing more money than I could have avoided):

4263 clicks
109 hit the Path
2.6% CTR to the path

1 converted at the real offer (exit URL)

The data leads me to conclude

1) Landing Page Sequence needs to be re-arranged

Thoughts: What is more important? The Path Offers or the Email, Cellphone, and other fields to collect for email marketing? Doing email marketing as a beginner may throw me off from focusing on purely PPV. So I decided to make the arrangement to have them hit the path first. Will give this a go tomorrow if I can get everything set up tonight. I think if they hit the Path first – which will bring more traffic there may get higher RPU?

Back to the drawing boards!

2) Offer may not be a high converting one

Thoughts: I will have to add a different offer with a different Lander – I don’t think Prosper can do this or is complex. So what I will do to not waste time is use an Offer I know that works to play with this.

3) Offer may be high converting but it just doesn’t work well with my angle.

Thoughts: Try a different angle. This will require a new campaign set up.

4) Quality of Landing Page / Does it appear credible?

Thoughts: Right Now I would have to say Yes to one and no to the other Lander.

Not sure if I am missing any thing important I should optimize for tomorrow’s run.

By the way I called Silver Path, I was told I could get a bump if I hit a certain amount revenue before a bump to 80/20. Anyone else? Currently I am at 70/30.

User Comment:
Day [22]

I’m tired today guys so making this short. Had lots of trouble getting a new framework of Landers up. Actually still working with my programmer. I think this baby will kick ass. I did spend the day setting up another lander with all the goods.

SO how did it do…
My Lander improved to CTR of 14% – I’m back up there. Didn’t flood the campaigns with traffic today though. Wanted to test it slowly with a smaller budget.

It ain’t converting well – RPU still very low…will be split testing the path frame text and my main page copy. We’ll see what happens. Well I am pretty optimistic about an improvement tomorrow – now that this new copy is ready.

14% of them Clicked Through
44 unique visitors to the path
RPU $0.31

At one point in the evening just the first hour of my new lander with the COreg setup was 70% ROI – was so happy – then it just died throughout the night …

I paused my new campaign’s bad targets and same with this coreg campaign. So should look a lot nicer tomorrow.

So more data to collect!


User Comment:
I’m thinking your lower RPU may be due to your angle, because much higher RPU is possible. I’d test that first, try a new angle and see how it does (dont worry about CTR etc, but just the angle to compare conversions)

User Comment:
Day [23]

Thanks Stackman. I tried a different angle (polling) but same target – failed miserably – 0 RPU. I don’t know what it is. Not sure if I am doing anything right at this point. I may need to change the sequence back to collect data first – pass to the path, and just add a pre pop on the homepage to increase CTR.

Today my new lander got only 2.5% CTR and only about 55 views to the path. I spoke with my AM at SP and he says that sample size is too low. I had conversions the last few times before this with about the same amount of views.

So looks like my polling angle isn’t the way to go for this target. Will try other targets and see if I can change the poll questions taylor to another target! This target was chosen because of the higher volume of traffic.

I won’t give up until I figure this out!

User Comment:
Day [24]

Wow made it this far. Just another week. Went off on a tangent on COREG and maybe it is too complicated for me at the moment. I will keep trying. I have 4 Landers and none works well with the new angle or old. I think over time I will get better on the creatives / angle. The last few days was a DIP and it’s discouraging. This COREG thing has Alligator Blood!

Today 0 RPU again. Still working to rearrange sequence of pages. Waiting on programmer. Also working on graphics. This part alone is taking up my time… y’all learn from me and focus purely on creating new campaigns until you find one profitable – if you are a newbie.

Will get back to creating more campaigns until Day 31 and going forward. At the mark of Day 31, I will be looking for a full time job if I don’t hit my 70 per day as I promised my self. I took this month to fully concentrate on PPV and I have to say I learned more than I probably would have if I did not do this 30 day Challenge and if I did not join STM as well I would have been still reading and not doing. So this journey started just about a little more than 20 days ago. I guess I am not so newbie anymore to CPA but I just need to get in the routine and not get affected by sticking to this one campaign and not letting go. So far I have only worked on a little over 10 campaigns. 1 profitable but very minute. It’s a Direct Link. Full time job doesn’t mean anything. I will still be working on new campaigns after work.

So tomorrow I will continue on creating new campaigns rather than working on COREG. It may be profitable to others but at this point as a newbie, I’m having a difficult time with it and all other aspects together. Building the pages and understanding how to track etc. was a huge learning curve for me.

Back to to the very basics (build new campaigns and test new offers consistently) and if I strike a good one, I will then try to duplicate it and add COREG in to see how it goes with it.

User Comment:
Coreg is an odd creature. Make sure the focus is on that mobile pin submit, that is where you make your monies. If people enter the path fill out the form but then leave at the mobile submit you ain’t gonna make it work.

Try and mention the mobile submit on your lander.

RPUs $1-$2 are totally achievable.

Congrats on the profitable campaign, I enjoy reading your challenge!

User Comment:
Thanks Mr. Green. I made sure PIN is mentioned – my form validations are whack. Anyhow I created 8 campaigns today. 4 on TV and 4 on DirectCPV. Just waiting for approval.

Day [25]

Got a few offers that required approval from Neverblue and Peerfly approved and I just created some Landers for them.

Anyhow, no data today since I didn’t run anything but left the one Direct Linking campaign that was doing positive ROI and still doing okay. Less than $5 profit per day – pretty consistent for the last 4 days. I just had to pause the rest so I could at least a good feel of +ROI today 😛 I think I need to work on Landers for these to test it out. Still very Low traffic with this one – can’t seem to squeeze more out of it. I tried but the few targets tried did not work or just not enough traffic. I’ll think of some other targets.

Overall I am close to exhausting my funds in TV which I have deposited $1500 and now it’s down to about $400. I have small funds in DirectCPV and LeadImpact, in which LeadImpact I have not tried yet.

We’ll see what happens with my 8 campaigns tomorrow. Each has a budget of $10 with one $20 since the payout is $8.

I’ve selected a few less popular offers as well to test out along with Dating and Scholarships.

Will have date updates tomorrow. Fingers crossed for some luck.

User Comment:
Day [26]

As the days are flying by… just 5 left. Data is slowly collecting. Haven’t seen a winner yet but will let it run some more while I build more campaigns.

CPVLab has been installed and used it for some existing campaigns. Awesome! I should I used it right from the start!

11 campaigns running at once at the moment. A few have not been approved by DirectCPV (they are slow). I added on some biz op offers today we’ll see how those 2 go.

Worked on a few landers today – need to work on the rest to split 50/50 with DL.

The data isn’t good enough to determine anything yet so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

As you can see, will need to find better traffic and some are awaiting approval. I need to try a different angle for each. Still lots of work to do for these.

You see the 700 numbers – there was a target that was most of that (400ish views) – it paused.

Looks ugly red but hey gotta love this cpvlab table!

My COREG will be back from the dead soon – be on the lookout!!!

User Comment:
I know nothing about programming (even basic PHP) so I actually tried to hire a few different guys from vworker but the quality of the designs are pretty bad for my co-reg. Maybe it was a mistake trying to get the same guy to code and design (it always hard to get that combination). I’ll try to get someone to design my landing pages and a separate dude to handle the coding. Did you actually hire the same guy to design and code as well? The last guy I hired on vworker took 1 week to finish a simple squeeze page.

I’m keeping track of your progress, so don’t give up…and let’s see who can get the first pile of cash from Co-Reg.

User Comment:
Thanks Nigel I appreciate that. Lets do it!

The guy I hired did both and it did take him a few days but it was ran into some issues and he couldn’t always be around during the day so it slowed me down when I had to wait. He is a fantastic designer to begin with – later I found he was also decent with coding but i did find that it was probably not the best idea to have him do both. In the end I know it’s my angle – I just found a thread here last night that I should have read long ago and it’s on killer landing pages. After reading that thread, it really got me to realize why my creatives aren’t performing well and gave me new motivation and inspiration to try different ideas out. Man this forum is just filled with treasures and I probably haven’t even uncovered most of them. Anyhow, I think I need to put this together myself (Co-Reg). I do know html/css and some php but my designs aren’t too great and I figured it would take me less than half the time at least by hiring someone but I’m now going to try getting this done on my own today. I can figure this baby out while my 11 campaigns collect more data I should be done today along with new landers. I’ll update later. Thanks.

User Comment:
Day [27]

Alright guys today was probably the most productive day I have had since I started. I was like a machine – I am still going at it right now to figure out how to incorporate CPVLAB + COREG tracking (reading up a thread on it right now – good stuff).

I woke up early optimized my campaigns – awesome optimize tool with CPVlab – makes things easier! So I paused a few keywords – by the end of the day I paused many that were alerted to be REMOVEd by CPVlab after setting my filters. Powerful function – love it!

Found some Winning Keywords!!! Out of my 11 campaigns, there were about 5 keywords that were profitable so I kept those running – data is still being collected (In Progress) so I cannot tell which will be winning campaigns over all. I will adjust as I go the next few days.

So today’s biggest tackle is Co-Reg. I completely came up with a new angle and redid all of my page sequences which totals in 9 steps. It’s awaiting approval from trafficvance. I took advice from Besmir and added geo-targetting, gave it some personal feel / connection towards the target. Will have to use it on different targets tomorrow. Today I build the entire framework and got all working smoothly. Except for one part which the user will not know. It’s the backend data collecting that I haven’t gotten to fix yet which either will pass it onto a text file or Aweber or iContact if possible. I still need to figure it out – but I thought I saw a thread about that before so I’ll have to search for that and get that goin

Excited for the traffic to start pouring in and collect data. I’m gonna get back to getting the tracking right in CPVlab – currently I have it just set up with the landing page/ direct linking campaign. Will update later tonight if I don’t fall asleep next to the computer

User Comment:
Here’s 3 of my campaigns that I see some positive ROI by keyword. The rest still in progress. I hope the ones that are + will remain that way after next few days.

Do I need to boost the traffic on the ones that are Yellow?

User Comment:
Wondering … So Far I’ve been using only URL’s – should I start using Keywords as well?

User Comment:
Experiment with a few different color schemes and add the vote now buttons. Use orange for the vote buttons. Free should be the only word that is a different color to make it stand out.

User Comment:
Day [28]

Sorry late post today…Just realized it’s 3:16 am here. Just figured out the CPV Landing page Sequence. Level 1, Level 2, etc. I have 8 levels. It was difficult to understand the videos provided by CPVlab. I had to go through shanktank’s (thanks) "How To Setup Coreg With Aweber & CPVLab thread to figure all out and it’s all because of the template zip file provided. You guys are great! Shanktank thanks if you see this!

So now all my tracking is done for my 2nd coreg campaign. The one I fixed and got to work did:

$0.64 RPU
Only got 11 users mainly because my Landing page needs work – CTR is bad and half the time I found out my link in middle of the sequence was broken!! ARGGGG. I somehow made an update to base2.php and it just didn’t work and I did not bother to check again. You guys trying this out, be sure to test every time even a small change!

I’m about to properly set up the original campaign tracking now… the rest of my campaigns are still collecting data, I removed a few targets as usual and we’ll keep eliminating nasty money leeching targets until we are left with the main winners

Exciting days! I got 2 days left – will make the most of it!

User Comment:
Day [29]

I’ve created another coreg campaign. Paused two and new one is up for TV approval. We’ll see how this new one goes. I’ve been changing angles and targets – getting more targeted and utilizing different tactics:

1. geotargeting
2. current date
3. counter
4. latest news
5. polling

Maybe I should focus some of these on non-coreg offers. Been mostly direct linking and doing okay on half of my campaigns. I had to paused 60% of my campaigns and the others continues to data gather.

I’m attaching 2 of my landers – please critique. The Certificate multiple offer one gets about 8% CTR, the other got 4-5%.

With these CTR’s, I have been doing about under $0.64 RPU and just not enough traffic there to make it profitable. Hope this new Lander 3 will make good tomorrow.


Currently my targets are pretty broad – good rush of traffic but CTR isn’t good enough and when they hit my Offer / Path page, only 6% goes through. My revenue has not passed $40 per day since I started.

User Comment:
Day [30]

So trying to be persistent and all, I went all the way through to Day 30 – Tomorrow is my last day. I got 2 new COREG campaigns ready to roll in LI tomorrow – well as soon as they approve it. I just finished getting everything to work the way I want. Been a big learning experience here – spent a day at Starbucks trying to figure the final details out (coding).

At the moment, I have 2 open COREG’s and 2 paused (since I did some major construction work on them – now I incorporated the face-lifted one and nicely / neatly programmed one from today into two different campaigns) and 2 other DL campaigns still running – still a small profit on these. Now that I have a template for COREG campaigns and CPVLab’s nifty clone feature, I can whoop out COREG campaigns in 5 mins (setup only – excludes creatives/ landers).

About to incorporate some tactics I used in COREG – same funnel into my DL campaigns and test to see how it does.

– danny

User Comment:
**********Day 31*************

Finale. Biggest lesson of all!!! And I just learned it today.

Spy on your competitors. I had trouble with VMware so I did not spy at all. (slow as f*** on LION) I’m on a Mac and so I had to look for an old PC in the garage.

I grabbed my father’s 7 year old laptop – ASUS (this thing is the most quiet laptop ever – even compared with macbooks today or any other computer. I’m very impressed. I heard they build some of Apple’s hardware. Pretty cool they from Taiwan). Anyhow, so I installed hotbar. Some creative work out there. I see why I am not converting.

Creative juices now are flowing wildly.

Will be working diligently for the next few days. I will not post again until I have made a good profit. Although I will post new threads hehe

Do you guys know how Gamevance toolbar is installed? Looked around but all I see is a login and I have registered and created an account but nothing else. Haven’t seen any ads served by Gamevance yet. Only Hotbar.

Are there any other Adware I need to check out?

User Comment:

Originally Posted by danny27

Do you guys know how Gamevance toolbar is installed? Looked around but all I see is a login and I have registered and created an account but nothing else. Haven’t seen any ads served by Gamevance yet. Only Hotbar.[/B]

You’ll have to install their toolbar, which is required to play any of their games. However, I have heard that you need to download it through an affiliate link in order to see any ads..? Not sure if that is true. Anyway, after you install the toolbar, there is a short period in which they don’t show you any ads, so you’ll have to wait a bit.

User Comment:
Here is a super spy toolbar in case you missed it thanks for the posts i wish i had accomplished all that in one month…highlight=free

User Comment:
Thanks Splitter8. I’ll check those out.

User Comment:
Update: Hit over $100 Revenue. Broke even so far in ROI. Just got GT integrated ready to go – now working on my angle narrowing in my target. Will update in about 1-2 weeks.

User Comment:
Awesome thread Danny! Can’t wait to see you break 1k revenue!

User Comment:
Guys, my focus has dwindled. It happens like the stock market. My revenues dropped and RPU as well. I find it easier to hit new targets for three days and quit it, move to the next, and repeat every 3 days. Also, swap domains and tracking domain. It is possible for LI bids and bids from other networks that I don’t see kicking my ass. Looks like I’ll need to sign up for the rest of the networks to spy – its war.

Anyhow, I’m hitting between 75-200% ROI on some keywords but I can’t seem to up my CTR high enough.

More updates in next 2 weeks.

Any inputs, suggestions, comments, welcomed.

User Comment:

It has been 2 months. I am now Profitable averaging the last week about $15 per day. I hit $40 max profit this week! =) Still lots of work to do.

User Comment:
Not bad ! keep going

User Comment:

Originally Posted by danny27


It has been 2 months. I am now Profitable averaging the last week about $15 per day. I hit $40 max profit this week! =) Still lots of work to do.

You have stepped over the most difficult hurdles:

1) getting campaigns out regularly – like its a habit –
2) making your first profit

Now its just a case of trying, testing, learning and doing.

Good going.

User Comment:

I hit $78 profit since last week for a few days so I hit my initial goal of $70 finally after 2.5 months. However, the conversions RPU’s went down after 4 days while CTR is the same and I believe know why… Seems lots of competitors are popping over my landers. I’ve changed my domains + tracking and still same problem. This is in TV. Strange? I tested some more and still find them popping out sometimes with and sometimes without the gamevance bar on lower left. I thought this wasn’t possible with TV. What does this mean?

I also have Hotbar installed which I get more popping over as well.

Two ways I have tested:

1. Lander URL
2. Target URL

Surprisingly lander URL, has most of the pops from gamevance. I notice my tracking URL is probably bid on. I get about 1 or 2 gamevance pops between 1-2 minutes. Is this unusual? I thought gamevance pops only each hour.

As for the Target URL test, I get mostly hotbar pops (LI).

Is there some secret way of bidding? PM me if you know

User Comment:

Originally Posted by danny27


I hit $78 profit since last week for a few days so I hit my initial goal of $70 finally after 2.5 months.

congratz on reaching your goal.

as far as people popping over your landers, I would be interested in finding out what to do regarding this

for tv, it has been mentioned several times in the forums to prevent you from being robbed of visitors. from the blog post:

TrafficVance puts text link ads on its own pop-ups. That means, if youre popping landers on TrafficVance, that very pop-up can have text links for another campaign and robbing you of a visitor.…landing-pages/

check it out, don’t know if it will help your ROI or for your specific situation

User Comment:

Yeah implemented the codes to prevent text pop already… Not too much of improvement.
The pops are robbing my conversions. I may need to change landers completely for now.

User Comment:

Originally Posted by danny27

I tested some more and still find them popping

one thing you can implement is to set your window as focus with javascript every 500 ms or so.

that way your window is always on top even if someone else pops over your URL.

here is some code as an example:

HTML Code:
var skipcycle = false
function fcsOnMe(){
if (!skipcycle){
mytimer = setTimeout('fcsOnMe()', 500);
<body onload = "mytimer = setTimeout('fcsOnMe()', 500);" onfocus="skipcycle=true" onblur="skipcycle=false">

the other one is loading both your tracking and lander with SSL. Note that this can reduce load speed a bit and therefore also again harm conversions.

a 3rd is loading your landers and tracking with the server IP rather then domain. With the new cpvlab you can also set a random alias for the campaign URL. And then lastly create a random string for your landing page name. That way it will be very difficult unless people target your sites specifically.

this could reduce conversions though due to domain being not relevant and looking less legit.

Reason is many of us use "deal" "bonus" "prize" in our domain names.

Its possible someone is just bidding on those terms and therefore popping over you for that reason.

Let me know how things go!

User Comment:
Thanks tijin! That code increased my ROI from 20% to 100% for a few hours until they caught up. I spied and saw they have a way to combat that too. This is getting interesting.

I’ll need to implement the other tactics.

User Comment:
Thanks everyone so far for the support and thanks goodness for the existence of STM to help people like me on their way to success in Affiliate Marketing!

Huge post today because I’m getting frustrated but I know this is a huge learning experience getting over this hump….

It was a very good Sunday for me – I hit my highest ever – $90 Profit! I thought this was the start of consistent profitability. At one point, my Revenue reached $380 but couldn’t keep it to $400 consistently to get GT’s weekly payout. But…

Today… I have paused my campaigns completely because my RPU is 0 again along with dramatically less email submit conversions. I think certain landers will no longer work depending on how your competition plays. Either traffic dried up or I picked some targets with fierce competition (probably and most likely one of you reading). Kinda stupid maybe but I see it as one way to learn faster.

Focusing today on creating new style landers and I need some help figuring out generating random string in my URL (if anyone would be kind to pm me about it – would speed up the process for me thanks). Sent Beyond Hosting an email a day or so ago about how to use their SSL domains but no response yet.

I’m going to start another 30 day to keep myself accountable to move forward and keep going and hope it will help others reading. So far my cost of learning is -$2500 in the last 3 months excluding monthly services + software purchases etc but the last 2 week’s profit has decreased it a bit.

Some of you may know I was job searching and did find a job but funny the day before my final interview I hit my first profit so I decided to stop looking Their HR wanted to low ball me so I didn’t bulge as well. It’s tough out there as well as here. I know what I want. Loving this even though still negative on the AM bankroll. I’ve gone this far so no turning back!

What I got and use:

CPVlab 2.13
NeverBlue, EWA, PeerFly
BH starter package
VPN service
Macbook Pro with Win 7 Paralells and Desktop PC with XP

I don’t think I’m missing anything critical… I’ll definitely need to use visualwebsiteoptimizer that profitable was using among other tools suggested by our super successful members.

Anyways here I go!

Day 1

Here’s the plan from what I have learned from STM, own experience, and others:

Campaigns: Test 5 different styles of campaigns. So far I have been consistently using Survey style only and been successful up to the last few days – just too competitive for this type of lander style.

Stats: My CTR was up to about 30% at one point. Dropped a bit after TV started to reject them so had to make some changes and now the CTR dropped about 5-10% on most targets. The think quality of traffic has dropped as well (In TV I use 72 hours frequency cap sometimes 1 or 2 weeks) and/or competitors have intruded my path and pretty much killing the funnel by bidding on my tracking and domain and/or certain keywords. I understand this can’t be stopped but to fight back – gets worst at LI thus why I stick with TV only until I hit a very consistently profitable campaign.

Technicalities: So I decided to implement new landers and go for less competitive targets until I get the technicalities figured out. I plan to use my own tracking system as well so I can easily change the path / file name such as from base2.php to something random. I need to figure something out. I’ve tried cloaking but that doesn’t help. Tried javascript code to pop on top of others popping on you but there is a way for them to combat that as well. I see the only way to avoid this is to have a dynamic tracking url if possible. Am I missing something here?

Types of campaigns:

a. Offers: Prize / Today’s Winner type of lander – Coreg with GameTheory. I may test SilverPath again. Build a shorter path (2 levels or use some AJAX to appear to be seamlessly on same page) for Gift Cards

b. Offers: Survey style lander to prepop for Gifts Cards and other Email and Zip submits

c. Offer: Survey style lander, prepop, try CPS offers.

d. Offer: Survey style lander, prepop, grants, credit reports

e. Offer: Basic landing page leading to the offer (2 steps) / direct linking

Targets: Various – high volume, mid volume, low volume. Will separate into its own campaign.

Testing: Use A/B and multivariable testing tools for every change. (learned profitable’s thread)

Tracking: Track to the slightest detail – no gives. So lots of technicalities here I need to figure out (passing variables/parameters etc and other things I may run into depending on the idea/angle)

Offers: Test at least 5 offers for each campaign

Optimization: Kill at 300 views 0 conversions, Kill at 100 views 0 clicks, Kill anything less than 3% CTR (never really thought about setting these cut off points to kill targets initially until I read phoenix’s threads – thanks)

Keep testing and if necessary throw in new offers at any target doing more than 8% CTR

Interaction Design: make sure to implement all necessary sales techniques (headline, sub header, benefit, social proof, … I think that is it?)

Information: Log any information gathered (discrepancies, competitor behavior, heat map behavior from your landers, etc.)

There’s probably more to do but still learning…

Tasks for the day:

1. Create new style lander, 2 levels
2. Organize files structure and everything on computer
3. Write down the plans
4. Find new targets
5. Run first landing page by end of day
6. At some point start reading this forum and others (ppvplaybook)
7. Log any information gathered
8. Record Results
9. Analyze data
10. Prepare for tomorrow

If anyone knows good resources please let me know to help me and all of us get on the right track. Thanks! I’ll be searching on here. STM ROCKS!

User Comment:

Originally Posted by danny27

I don’t think I’m missing anything critical… I’ll definitely need to use visualwebsiteoptimizer that profitable was using among other tools suggested by our super successful members.

why go for another paid tool?

you can use google website optimizer and it will do the job

check out these links if you need extra pointers to get gwo to work:…&answer=117912…&answer=151978…n&answer=77075

the only thing gwo really can’t do is rotate external javascript and if you do setup an experiment, it will fail on IE as explained here:…7e08d101&hl=en

i managed to get it all working with subdomain and all, with video and such, so it can do a lot, even though it isn’t as inituative as visual website optimizer.

just a suggestion. money saved can go towards testing

User Comment:
That’s true will use Google’s. Thanks

User Comment:

Originally Posted by danny27

Thanks tijin! That code increased my ROI from 20% to 100% for a few hours until they caught up. I spied and saw they have a way to combat that too. This is getting interesting.

I’ll need to implement the other tactics.

Oh please do tell!! They only way of combatting it that Im aware off is if they do the same thing on their lander.

If you dont want to share their URL in public just ping it to me in a PM and ill have a look for you,

User Comment:
Yah I think they had the same script – but couldn’t tell – didn’t see the javascript code. Could be the code not working in i.e. half the time as mentioned in another thread.

User Comment:

Worked on the new landers. One is done – figured out how to keep the path seamlessly in one place from checking out someone else’s Thanks to that person.

Will be modifying and finishing up to run in TV and LI.

Old campaign running and I see conversions again although breaking even still but gathering more data on new targets.

More updates to come…

User Comment:
Day 2

Turned on the old campaign for about 2 hours in TV – RPU’s started at $3 and dropped to about $0.58 till I paused the campaign again – until I release the new lander. I added targets and got some data. Found a few winners. Took a lost but it’s part of the testing process and I just had a feeling the RPU’s will keep dropping. Same problem as before – haven’t patched the problem yet. I’m going to build a better system.

Will run the new lander on TV in the morning once approved. I’m still waiting for LI to approve for yesterday’s lander. They just so slow.

Spent: $77.29
Revenue: $50.75
Loss: -$26.54
ROI: -34.4%

User Comment:
Almost forgot… my new goal at the end of this 2nd 30 day challenge: $200 profit and $400 Revenue / day for the GT weeklies

User Comment:

I reached my goal set for the next 30 days. Thank you STM and its members. I found some errors on my landers and implemented some new ideas. Haven’t slept much last few days… I think I am finally starting to get the hang of PPV / Coreg.

Day 3

Spent: $133
Revenue: $27
Loss: -$106
ROI: -79%

Pretty horrible still confused on why the profitable days for the last few weeks and all of sudden losses.

Day 4
Spent: $50
Revenue: $19
Loss: -$31
ROI: -62%

Still the same – had no clue but started to test and check everthing, my code, stats, and simplified it all.

I wake up the next morning and checked GT on my iPhone and was surprised!

My breakthrough stats:

Day 5
Spent: $221
Revenue: $445
Profit: $222
ROI: 100%

Day 6
Spent: $142
Revenue: $334
Profit: $192
ROI: 135%


Just checked my stats and still converting and going strong.

Now the above numbers are not purely GT, many are combination of other offers and my exit URL. If I could only hit $400 on GT I could get weeklies!

The last two days – some golden lines:

Hopefully this will be consistent going forward.

Lesson learned: Be sure to test and check your code, understand it, every single line. If you copy from others, be sure to Google it and learn it – at least somewhat understand what it does. I was being lazy before and just copying code and not really taking a deeper understanding.

I stopped using my fav tool back in the days when I programmed. Came back to it and BAM figured things out easily: Use BeyondAndCompare especially when you have many versions of landers ->

I still gots lots to learn and I am fortunate to have met some of you here offline. Thank you guys.
Edit: It was really some of your posts that motivated me! The help from our mentors (Besmir, Mr Green, Tijin and the rest. Oh and Especially the ones with guts to test and not be afraid to spend the money for the data. Some of your follow alongs really helped me tremendously. Bless you guys!

Off to my next goal!

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Guys, my profits dwindled… it was a good 3 days of nice profits. Now due to High competition I am back to square 1. Wouldn’t it be so wonderful to find a target no one bids on and converts

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Update: finally hit 500+ users $300/day for a week – $450/ day was my peak. It’s dropping but I think I can get it back up. Coreg rocks!

Tips/What I’ve learned:

– separating each target into it’s own campaign makes it more accurate to track in cpvlab
– start tracking/recording on a spreadsheet, make all numbers make sense to you, calc discrepancies, one tab per target, gather thoughts, record them
– build your own creatives
– track your time working on new campaigns and optimizing existing campaigns each day – improves performance
– using a timer helps
– shut off chats and Internet while working
– subtle lander designs work better for higher CTR

Still got lots to learn. Still sticking with TV only. Will test SP next and scale current winners.

Happy Holidays!

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Nice work dude. Way to stick with it!!

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Just a thought.

Unfortunately, we are in a field where I would say majority of hustlers are in. Becareful with the people you meet in here and even certain networks. Some of the biggest names are not to be trusted. Well, there are still some better networks and plenty of good people in here.

Out of all the Traffic Sources, PPV can be the dirtiest – lots of money to be made but you won’t hear Facebook robbing you of your creatives. You’ll still have to deal with networks that takes a bigger share of what they deserve.

Now where was that thread about ethics…

Anyhow, I’m going to journey into new offers. After 4 months of coreg I think it’s time. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still making money as we speak but I need to explore what else is out there and grow faster.

What should I do next? I was thinking Mobile.

Good luck every one.

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Update: stable at 150 users.

Once I fix my code I’m going dynamic and adding 3000 targets to test like Pheonix =)

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Almost done with dynamic system.

Will blast targets out and update stats here.

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New sys in place

600+ users
700 targets
50%+ targets are profitable
ROI about 40-50%
I still need to cut the losing targets as they hit my set thresholds
3 workers automate 70% of process

Lesson learned: Systematize every step. My next step is work on a bidding method. Not sure how – New TV is okay so far. I need to test bid amounts.

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did I see 3 workers? YOU need to learn to automate, best thing I ever learned…

heres a basic tutorial:

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Thanks I’ll check that out. But yeah the few routine tasks requires the human brain.

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How is your campaign going buddy?

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Currently on auto-pilot – focusing on fb atm. About to buy the cloaker from PB.

Will update in about a month thanks

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Wow! Thanks for sharing in this thread. I’m feeling like you were six months ago but after reading your thread – I am motivated to push through the learning curve.

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Update 2015:

STM Thank you. I had a great run from 2012 and 2013. I took a long break after that. I’m back to dabble into Youtube for 2015!

Find me in the Video Follow-Along section soon.

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