Neverblue Mobile Campaigns Not Firing Pixels for P202?

I’m using an image pixel for my neverblue campaigns. I used one global pixel and it worked fine, then started doing mobile and none of them are firing. I then tried to do a separate pixel for each mobile campaign, still doesnt fire..

Any suggestions? Do i have to do postback for mobile campaigns?? Not sure why its not firing so maybe someone else has this issue as well or had..

User Comment:
Pixels don’t work for mobile, you have to use postback.

User Comment:
Set up global postback but didnt work either… Do i have to do a postback per campaign on neverblue? also how does it have to be set up with their proper tags with p202?

User Comment:
Yes you need to set it up per campaign

User Comment:
not everything is perfect, quite annoying isn’t it

The Article Published IN 08-15-2011 06:59 PM

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