new adcenter acct after bein banned

I have burned through countless adcenter accts over the last year due to getting the dreaded, "the signin process cannot continue…" msg.

I never have gotten a good answer as to why. Sometimes it runs for months, sometime killed immediately.

I used to be able to use the same paypal acct on new adcenter accts, but lately I cant seem to get a new adcenter acct up. I even try to run known ‘innocuous’ campaigns and I still get killed.

They MUST be associating these new accts to a banned one.

Anyone have ideas as to what is needed to get a clean bill of health?

I have tried new ip, cleared cookies, new paypal, and not even start a campaign. I use different name, addr, for each acct as I dont THINK they can verify this when I use paypal. BTW I never use the same domain either in any campaign on a new acct.


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well there are a couple of threads that cover just this here is one of the best…..there are easier less extensive ways but these days I would recomend that you keep everything 100 separate….if you are in the usa you can get multiple static ips on biz accounts…..…eing-Banned-V2

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Ironic as it may sound I actually have an adwords acct that lives! But its adcenter I’m trying to figure out. I guess following this guide should work for adcenter as well as its quite intensive.


The Article Published IN 08-03-2011 12:31 AM

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