New Marketing Research Tool

Just got an email about a new research tool that just launched.

It’s a spy tool for contextual and display ads called MixRank.

I’m messing around with it now. It looks pretty sweet.

What do yall think?

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Been reading Ilya’s blog for a long time and this guy definitely knows his stuff when it comes to marketing.

That being said, I think he’s going to have a hard time competing with AdBeat and WRW.

MixRank looks promising, couple of drawbacks though. Its only spying on GCN and its only showing text ads currently.

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+1 jons

very interesting indeed

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ive registered for the beta and had a quick look around.

its got a looooong way to go before it get near adbeat or wrw. unless it carves out its own specific niche.

here are some screenshots of how it works.

1) you search for a domain from the homepage. no keyword search, but it has a kind of google suggest feature build in which is helpfull

2) usual ad overview sorted by frequency (number of times seen on different publisher sites over a month) – nothing new here

3) see whether the ads are running

4) there limited ability to search by most active ads across the network irrelevant of domain. the only way i have found is the homepage list of most active advertisers:

So whats missing at this stage?

Well – info on pricing for one. Its still in beta and no doubt this wont be a free tool, but if it doesnt expand on its feature set then it will need to charge a lot less then adbeat or wrw to be able to compete.

Other areas where it needs to be enhanced:
* not just text ads, but image ads as well
* expand beyond google display network
* keyword search of adtext, destination url, etc
* custom time frame – currently every view is over a month
* top publishers across the scraped sites
* top ads across all publishers

What has it going for it?

Clean easy to use and understand interface
Awesome blog!

Here are some of the excellent posts on the blog:…ted-heuristics…ting-on-facebo…-optimize-camp…bility-and-cre…that-bring-mas

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its got a looooong way to go before it get near adbeat or wrw.

stupid question maybe? how does adbeat compare to wrw?

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lets not open that discussion again

both are very advanced tools that do broadly the same things but in different ways. when it comes down to those two i think it is more about personal preference.

and at the end of the day I have not seen any case studies that have proven that this data actually results in increased profits for affiliates.

lots and lots of data….but…..i want some proof that it will me make more monies!!!!

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haha tjin don’t get me wrong, I think you’re the man.

But, isn’t it all about testing and coming to that conclusion yourself? The last thing I’m ever looking for is some "proofs money maker guru shit.’ lol

I would rather have tools are available to me that I can learn to help me grown and enhance my business.

What good is proof from people if you haven’t tested for yourself. I think it’s all about finding your own innovative way of making that information valuable.

The only proof your going to find is the proof you make yourself bro. Why would anyone give that to you?

lol just my thoughts ( I dont know shit about shit ) But this is how I approach things.

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he jons

who said i was looking for "guru bullshit proof" ?

The only proof, as you rightfully suggest, is testing!

The proof I want is testing for myself, which is what your are suggesting, or someone I trust and rate tests it and demonstrates it works

I have tested 1 of the 3 (wont mention which one) and results were not good. But i wouldnt call my test scientific in any way.

I am currently doing some rigorous testing on some ppc spy tools and their use for PPV. sofar ive spend money but seen little conversions. But more testing required!

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Right on dude. Not saying your looking for that shit, haha. With the whole ‘guru bullshit’ thing, I was more referring to what some people try to make tools such as this out to be.

like… "OMG get PPV SPY and INSTANT Millions in 4.25672 days and 2.3463 hours of work!!11!" or "BUY MixRank and Auto-Pilot Your way Instantaneously to 234523434% ROI in 1.3574 days time!1!!1!"

I was just referring to the fact that I think you have to use those tools as a single cog in a marketing research plan and see how you can use that data to help you become a better marketer.

I haven’t used any spy tools, other than MixRank for about an hour and that shitty ass POF ad scraper tool. But I think this MixRank may have some potential to become a valuable researching tool. Only time and testing will tell though

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