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Hey All,

New to the game and trying to quit my day job to "Stack That Money". Using Facebook as my traffic source. Any tips to help a NEWB would be appreciated!

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Hey and welcome! Start browsing and posting q’s we will be happy to help

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Yep – have a look through the Newbie section.

Check out some of the follow alongs -> like the recent gaming one.

Do your own follow along & share all your data! That way you get feedback & learn fast.

Dont quit your dayjob until you have made your annual salary in a month This business has ups and downs and you want to build up a decent buffer before you cut ties with the dayjob.

And finally -> FOCUS!!

Do I think and do it often. 10 campaigns a day for 30 days

The Article Published IN 09-12-2011 06:38 AM

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