New To This Stuff

Hi Everyone im new to all this and would love to start earning

can anyone tell me whats a good start up?

Which Topic Is Best?

Budget I Would Need?

i See You Talking About PPV Which is the best i can use

What I Have:

Also would i need a designer for pages and such please help me out will continue to read up on stackman tuts..


User Comment:
Hey Gaking,

Try to be more specific. You seem pretty new to this!

PPV = a source where you can buy traffic from (in the form of popups) and then monetize the popup any way you like.

Ask a couple specific questions and I’ll be able to help you out better, thanks.

User Comment:
Hopefully this can help you, and i have 2 more on the way.…-amp-Basic-PPV

The Article Published IN 01-19-2011 06:12 AM

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